2010 - minimal long runs

Hi Guys -

I did 2008 FLM for 1st time in 5hr 05 - and it was a fantatic expereience.  I was running 10 miles easily before Christmas and from Jan ran 3 x week - with the long runs on sunday.  I really enjoyed the training - however felt guilty not spending time with the family (2 young ones - one 6 one 3) as it took over 1/2 day every weekend on sunday.  My aim was always to do 1 marathon - however last years was a club place and I have had 5 rejection from FLM in my own name - so if I enter again - then I should be in 2010,  Yes I'd love to do it - just one more time but it is a time factor.  Is if possible to do it with less long runs - say every 2 weeks if I start earlier.  3 weekly runs isn't the problem - its 3/4 hours every Sunday with family commitments.  Every other sunday - with say 2 hr max other weeks - is the possible if I were to start earlier.

Any advice please before i think about committing myself


  • city fan,

    Yes! It is possible.

    I do a long run (13+ miles) once every 3 weeks, due to family/work commitments, dodgy knees, etc. I try to make all other runs of good quality, and never run more than 3 times a week. I did 4h17 last year and hope to break 4 hours this year.

    Of course, if you were up to running 6 times a week and completeing 60+ miles in the process, you could probably achieve a much better time. The trouble is, I suspect you and I live in the real world......

  • Thanks loads Safety 29

    How long before did you start your programme then.  I  think I may be enteringf and givin it one more go.... 

  • city fan,

    It depends on your definition of 'programme'!

    After last year's FLM, I took off 3 months from running to aim for an indoor rowing competition in July. After that, I started running again in August. I literally started with 1 mile runs, followed by 2...5...7 etc until I reached 13 miles in November. Since then, I have stuck to speed/interval/fartlek sessions in the week with a longer run on the Sunday. (I have tagged an extra mile on every 3rd/4th week, to the point where I have now completed my first 20 mile training run.) In between the 'long' sessions, my other Sunday runs would be somewhere between 5 and 10 miles at a good tempo.

    It therefore could be argued that my training for the marathon started in August! For people who run all year round, they can get away with these 12 week schedules you have probably read about. It really depends on several things, such as what standard of runner you are, what your goal is and how much time you can put into your training!

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do!


  • You have inspired me to give it me one more go as hopefully I'll be doing a few 10 milers trhat are in our local calender Oct/Nov - my goals is just to do it one more time.  Your programme sounds good for the real world and those who want to spend time with the kids and not right off every Sunday did.  Im am recovering after bad winter of injurys etc however back to 7.5 miles now and 1st 10k of year next week.


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