Travel Insurance - doesn't cover marathons...

I am doing Tromsø Midnight Sun marathon in June. I was just on the telephone to renew my travel insurance and it transpires that it won't cover me for any costs arising out of the marathon? Shame because it was cheap. Anyone know a good value insurer who will insure me on an annual travel policy to cover a marathon?



  • dont tell them you are running marathon,if you are unfortunate enough to collapse while running just say you were sleep walking and woke up in the middle of a marathon,lying on a road with your kit on!!!Good luck.
  • Many companies do cover running in foot races. 

    I can't remember which company mine is with, but it wasn't expensive - about £39 pounds a year, including cover for skiing (and running).

    Might have been Insure and Go?  Have a look at their website.

  • cover all sorts of sports including running as standard

    very cheap too image

    never had to claim on it though so don't know what it's like when you need them!!

  • Insure and Go are very good BBS - that's who I have travel insurance with, but I also have to have public liability cover for my job, and apparently that covers me for marathons.....

    Hope you are well - miss chatting with you image

  • Awww ta Vixx. Me too. I have popped back a couple of times but you haven't been about.

    Thanks everyone for the tips. Someone told me that there is the odd insurer who covers you for cancellation if you are unable to run (and therefore don't want to travel) i.e. as distinct from being not fit to travel. Anyone know any firms who cover you for that?

  • All insurers will cover you for cancellation if you are ill or injured to the extent that you COULD NOT travel, but I doubt any would cover you for a relatively minor injury which would prevent you running but wouldn't stop you if you were just going on holiday.

    You would need a doctors certificate/letter stating that you were unfit to travel.

    Some races have cancellation insurance as an option when you enter though.

  • I have seen reference somewhere to insurance being available to cover you if you can't travel/ don't want to travel due to injury and not being able to run?
  • Try Global Travel Insurance.  

    Running in a marathon is classed as an extreme sport nowadays.  It's not just during the race itself, but do get a good cancellation policy so if you can't run the marathon due to injury at the last minute, or an injury prevents training etc, you'll probably want cover so you can cancel the trip.  Most travel insurance companies will say you can still go on the trip.

  • Thanks LWT but the point is that I can't find any insurer who will cover for cancellation because you can't run the event? image
  • Global Travel Insurance DO.  I happen to know they work with Sports Travel Agencies (because i work for one that uses them) , but not sure if they will insure individuals.   Worth checking out though.
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