Wednesday 4th March 2009



  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Mike - I thought I'd read something along those lines, but could't find where so was thinking it must have been wishful thinking. Had the same thing with work too the last few nights. I much prefer getting paid for being on-call when I don't actually get called out! image
  • alehose, yes.  How did you work that out ? Are you, too ?

    FL, please can I come to work tomorrow ?  Two batches of fudge sounds very good (Happy B'day)

     TT. I hope its not serious

  • Greetings all,

    What: 12 miles (20km) hard tempo run along Tamaki Drive at 5:45am.
    Why: legs felt good after a days rest.
    LAst hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: yesterday

  • Evening.'s at the Geroskipou Athletic(!!!) Centre in Paphos.

    TT - hope it's nowt serious.

    Nighty night.
  • Evening all

    10 miles marthon pace with club quite cold touch of frost ,ran with one of the speedier guys tonight but managed ok.

  • TT I hope it's not serious too. I suppose that you can say " look I am hurt and it's there".

    An easy 8 miles for me. Very much a pastel coloured version of a real training exercise.

    Not much chocolate left here. Mind you, I'm still not hungry/.

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