Running with a pram!

Do people do it on here?!  I tried if for the first time ever with my new 11week old image  It was great fun, but Im recovering from Shin Splints and not sure if the gait was affected ad I should not do it all, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else has done it/does it/would recommend doing or not doing it??

 Also do you think its best to run for say 30mins a couple of times a week whilst recovering from shin splints, or one longer 55min run a week??

 As always many thanks in advance image


  • I used to to do it loads .....

    yes, it doese affect your gate. Which in your case is a good thing as you will be running slightly differently to the way you were when you got the shin splints. 

    A few shorter runs should be better than a longer one. It's during the longer runs where the shin splints develope. Doing shorter runs should allow your muscles to adjust .

    Me and my lil' one used to love it, he would shout "faster daddy" and laugh his little head off when we went through puddles image

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I run with a babyjogger and its fab image

    Just be careful of your little one's head.  Recommendation for the babyjogger is not to be used before 5/6 months due to baby not having enough neck control.

  • Hi guys great responses thanks! image  Pizza Man - do you think the gait change is a positive one then?  COuld it not go the other way and be even worse?!....

    Cinders - My boy is only 11 weeks, perhaos I should not be doing it with him yet then?  What is a babyjogger is it a specific running pram?  I have a Quinney Zap with maxi-cosi attached

  • aren't there organised 'pram in the park' fitness session in London?

    I scoffed a bit when I first read about it in the guardian, and then my mate's wife started it and she really likes it ...

  • No good for me I'm afraid, I live in Nottingham! image
  • Malakite iv just started running with a pram, bought the baby jogger 20 wheel, i was surprised how much harder it was to run with the pram,im a long time runner,my 16months wee boy is just an outdoor child i deceided to take him jogging with me, he loves it sings the whole way,i on the other hand have found that i have to slow my run down especally as my roads are all mountains,i do find that my ankles get really sore,good news though i was out running on my own the other day couldnt beleve how easy it was,,i guess its just going to take a while to get use to.
  • Malakite

    I run pushing a wheelchair - with a 21 year old in it

    you name it we do it-

    33 marathons pb 4:03

    176 HM's pb 1:43

    many 20's pb 2:58 - etc etc

    good luck and enjoy - it'll change your life for ever

  • has anyone ever looked at mountain buggy terrain? seems to have good reviews and wife likes the idea of a running buggy AND off road (beah, walks etc)

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Now that does sound hard work! image
  • I haven't tried it, but I have heard good things

  • Malakite wrote (see)

    has anyone ever looked at mountain buggy terrain? seems to have good reviews and wife likes the idea of a running buggy AND off road (beah, walks etc)

    iv looked at these buggies,read a few not so good reviews,some people thought they were heavy for running and in the sand.i did lot looking and thought the babyjogger performance series 20 inch wheel was the more professional  runner and bigger wheel made pushing pram easier.i got mine olivers babycare uk.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    I've got the BJ performance with 20 inch wheels and I'm no professional runner image  But it is fab, you do get some funny looks whilst out and about with it.  I live by the sea but wouldn't use it on the beach, think that would be much too hard.
  • I'm not sure its a good idea to be bouncing a small baby around off road - certainly not til he's older.

    Ease back into it with some brisk walks rather than running at this stage.
  • I used to do it with a really old, not running-specific Mothercare buggy, with only 12 inch wheels (it was a 3 wheeler though). It was great. Had to work a bit harder, and made me about 30s a mile slower (though made the downhills faster). I got up to doing about 10 very hilly miles with it.

    I found the kids tended to get quite cold if I didn't wrap them up well (they are small & just sitting still after all), and so I often used to run with the raincover down, even if it was dry, just to keep the wind off them. Similarly be very aware of the sun as it (hopefully) approaches summer. If I did a longer run I would often do it as a few laps, so I could drop them back home if they weren't enjoying it (5 miles is a long way to run back with a crying baby!). 

    As for my gate - it definitely made quite a difference - it's got big gouges in the wood now, as it was a bit fiddly getting in and out! 

  • exiled claret wrote (see)

    As for my gate - it definitely made quite a difference - it's got big gouges in the wood now, as it was a bit fiddly getting in and out! 

  • Hi guys, a quick update:-  I am looking at the

    Expedition Baby Jogger Buggy Pram Pushchair 3 Wheeler

     I just wondered what your thoughts were on it and also if anyone has one at all?  It's a good option for me as its literally a quarter of the price of other prams in its category!!

  • Update! I've bene running with a couple of prams these past few months, but am still looking at a really good quality one for running. Has anyne run with a Phil & Ted's Sports buggy? The wife really likes the look of this and wants a compromise with me using it running and her taking it to the shops. I'm still wondering if I should be going with something like what some of you on here suggest, a baby jogger 20in?
  • Hi Malakite,

    Haven't tried running with one, but we have the same pram and it's really heavy and awkward just for walking with - let alone running.  Plus its always getting a burst inner tube..

    Really wouldn't recommend getting one even for every day use!!

    Mrs W

  • If I'm running late for work (post 9am) and cycling through Bushy Park, the place is awash with pram runners and teams of cap wearing yummy mummies doing their post school run morning jogs image.

  • I've tried running with the buggy - thought it would be a great solution to the eternal problem of finding the time to run - but haven't found it works for me unfortunately. Mainly because I have a 2-year-old who doesn't like sitting down for long! But must admit I don't find pushing it that easy, either, especially on anything remotely resembling an incline...

    I'm in awe of Mick'n'Phil.

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    Can people please stop dredging up old threads to hang their spam on.  It's getting on my tits.

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