Mac or PC?

It's the perennial laptop dilemma:  I've recently been doing projects in which visual presentations are becoming increasingly important.  I've always used a PC, but am struggling with PwewrPoint as a tool for the kind of work I need to do.  Are Mac programmes (especially Keynote) so much better that it's worth making the switch and bearing the expense?  The quality of my work over the next six months is especially important... 

Thanks for advice!


  • the other issue you also need to bear in mind is the MacOS itself as if you are an experienced Windoze user, does take some getting used to and isn't the big thing that many Mac users claim - I have a Mac at home and run Windows on other machines but experience still leads me back to MS for the trickier stuff as I know my way around that OS

    tbh - you might be better off investing a more professional presentation package for your current PC - not an area I'm that familiar with though so can't suggest anything bar a professional graphics package that may do the trick
  • I agree. Macs are cooler, but that's about as far as it goes. I'd stick with what you know, and upgrade the software (after having bought a Mac once and not being able to get on with the OS at all)
  • Good advice, I think, and certainly a lot cheaper!


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