Pop in calf muscle. Any advice?

Ive recently been suffering with a calf strain but it felt better recently so i played five a side footy tonite...felt good for 40 minutes.....but i turned quickly with the ball and as i did i felt a pop in the calf..(initially thought id been kicked)....then when i tried to run i found i coud barely put weight on it......so thats that for a while.......

Self diagnosis on the internet is always dodgy but ive looked for similar symptons and it looks like ive ruptured my plantaris muscle tendon (tennis leg) which apparently sounds worse than what it is.....

At the moment ive got my foot up with an ice compress and it is very painful.....Has anyone suffered similar symptons and how long is recovery?

Would you believe i picked up my £200 custom made orthotics today and i havent even tried them yet......u gotta laugh!


  • Suffered with calf problems a few years ago, saw lots of different "experts" who gave me lots of advice most of it was useful at the time including spending alot of money on orthotics,

    However I ended up seeing an osteopath where the problem was fully diagnosed, I had an old back injury which when treated sorted the problem out, stopped needing my orthotics and have never looked back.

  • "Has anyone suffered similar symptons and how long is recovery?"

    Yes, exactly the same scenario last year (turned quickly playing soccer). I actually heard the popping sound.

    1 week agony. 2 weeks gradually getting better. Then started very slow jogging. Properly better two or three weeks later (to the extent that my calf muscles ever get properly better).

    But injury recovery rates vary.

    Stay clear of physiotherapists, though! Quacks! image

  • Themoabird

    Yes I pull both Calf last Saturday when I did Grantham Canel 29.3miles and I notice very useful.Go to your Sport Club inwhich you a member of the club you get 10% Off. Anyway Sweet Jelly called Blocks will help because its contain Water,Vietamins that mean you don't have to have Chewer Bars on the way.Slow Down if the pain worst.Rub the legs before the race with Vaselin where the pain are and drink a Cup of Tonic Water just after the race and before bed. You will be stiff littlebit and now you should be more relaxed?

    Good Luck

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