Aldridge Manor House 10K

I've sent off my entry form and cheque, and wonder if there are any knights in shining armour willing to come along, join in, and talk to me so I won't have to bother the other runners with idle chat, just in case all the Little Aston Road Race grumpheads turn up at this one too.


  • I hope I will be able to join you next Sunday. It will be my first 10km "official run". Only done 1 run before - a 5km Run for Life. Been training for the Great North Run on my own - on the treadmill at the gym! Fastest time 55mins 39 seconds - so I suppose you will be well ahead of me. But, I'm going to do it and hopefully after this run have the courage to enter more.

    See you next week.

  • Phew! Looking forward to seeing you there, Sandra. I'm more likely to be behind you than in front of you - I haven't done an official 10K either, but notched up just under 47 mins over a flat 5-miler last week and my best time for 6.6 undulating miles in training is 67 mins.

    My number is 226, but I think I may have been entered for the fun run rather than the "serious" run in error and will be phoning the organiser this week. Don't want to be fighting my way through pushchairs!

    I'm doing the GNR too.
  • My number is a Fun run as well. I thought it just meant they'd send the elite runners off a few minutes earlier. Did you ring the organiser?
  • Not been able to get past the answering machine yet. Hope it's just some sort of printing error. 10K sounds rather far for a fun run! The rest of my family plan to tag along and do the 1K.
  • Sorted, Charles. The "fun run" tag is to distinguish the likes of us from the "serious runners" from Aldridge Running Club who will also be using the route and who will set off just ahead of us.
  • Nice one. I hope the serious runners dont get too annoyed as I catch them going over the top of the Beacon!
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