Same model of shoes causing aches!

I've been running in some Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 shoes since last August,at on avarage 10-15 miles week.
Am training for a half marathon which is at the end of this month so have upped mileage and didn't want to be left running my first HM in some shoes which were getting past it therefore went to my running shop last week and bought another pair of Mizunos,same model ,same size just a different colour.
Ran in them the other evening (just 2 miles) and even though they were comfortable my left ankle after about half a mile started to ache.Anyway I let my ankle recover,did my long weekend run (12 miles) in my old shoes which I did yesterday without any problems and then tried the new ones again but after half a mile my ankle was aching again.
The shop will take them back so no problems there but has anyone experienced this before?I thought I was doing the safest thing in buying exactly the same shoe but seems not.I do wonder whether once they're worn in a bit they'll be fine but with my HM coming up I don't want to take the risk.


  • It may be the same model but updated? They often make small changes.

    I always buy the same trainers (Asics Kayano) and do feel it takes me some time to get used to them everytime.

  • Jo Jo

    No they're exactly the same shoe.Only thing different is the colour.I did try the updated shoe ,Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 but felt some stitching so went with the 4's again.
    I've been wearing them around the house for the past couple of hours and just feel 'not right',I can feel almost too much support under my insteps.
    will be taking them back I think.
  • Have had exactly same problem with my shoes- Nike Zoomeros, supposedly all padding no support (which is what I want) - although supposedly 'same' as last year's model feel far more rigid with intrusive instep.
  • BBH- I agree, the Vomero +3s are just not as nice as the 2 previous pairs of +2s I had before. Why do they "improve" things? I'm on the market for a change when my last pair of+2s retire.
  • You have to bear in mind that a brand new shoe is different to an old one, even if it it is exactly the same!!!

    It is new! It will be stiffer in lots of different ways. Probably the same as your current shoe felt when it was first out of the box but you had nothing to compare that one to.

    Some people's bodies can cope easily with these small differences but some can't. 

    So it might just need a bit of breaking in. Wear it walking as much as you can and go back to your old shoe for now and gradually introduce the new one in for your shortest runs first.

    Best of luck.

  • No - not the case - the first two pairs I got felt like pillows the moment I put my feet in them.  I normally never feel the instep on any running shoes.
  • I wasn't talking to you Bear!

    And your case is completely different.

    "Have had exactly same problem with my shoes"

    - No, Susiebe's new shoe was exactly the same as her old one - style and model number.

    Yours wasn't.

    A new model, even though it has the same style name can be very different.

    But that's not what this thread was supposed to be about.

  • Oops sorry BtheB - solipism rules in my case - didn't mean to hijackimage
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