Monday 9th March 2009

# like water from a fountain

Some incredible runs yesterday, NZC surpassing all. Class!
Good work from Roo too.

What: 8 miles very easy
Why: recovery
Last hard: yesterday
Last rest: thursday


  • yes, delighted for you NZC - no wonder you were excited !
    hope you had a great celebration for the win and the anniversary

    blisters - sounded pretty horrible. conditions did seem to deteriorate as the morning went on. not what you want on a 20 mile race

    RFJ - wind AND hills, gosh you go for the tough ones. good work, you're sounding really strong and in control these days

    TMR - i get the impression having your mum to stay isn;t the ideal race prep ! but seemed to work pretty well yesterday, good performance

    sharkie - back on form, take it no twinges from the ankle ? stood up to a good hard session anyway

    bet it was windy at hoylake for you mike

    5 miles recovery yesterday and doing an easy run again today. starting to feel some little bt of fitness returning. just hope i don't fall over or down anything for a while now

  • Watcher DTTers

    What: a handful of replies and comments
    Why: to prove I do read back
    last hard: reading back and making notes

    Lyrics: don't think so

    I've still missed loads. Now what have TMR and NZC been up to? Here goes though...

    SL2 Hamstring.I hope 'slight' proves to be the operative word.

    Gobi  Real shame the injury has spoilt your plans. Thanks for posting that sprint group session. It sounded WELL tough. I can just imagine the feeling on those short sharp hills. Lactate ahoy!

    It was great to see Rach at LFOTM. I by no means get to all of them now I'm in Hastings half my life but if I'm in London I usually marshall. And then meet up with ceal, JJ, Pammie and co for lunch afterwards. Do let me know next time you and Rach intend to be there, would love to meet up.

    TippTop  Aargh, another one. Real shame for you, too. You have been very unlucky with the combination of injury and illness - seems a familiar story this year with quite a few people. Which doesn't mak it anyeasier for the individuals concerned.

    RFJ Still improving and running well for your club. You have put in some stonking performances recently and if today's was (marginally) more about a learning process, well that's good too. Sounds like another cracking performance though all things considered. Hey and 17.5 for the day!

    Stickless Always a pleasure to see you. I think you know your run today was what you needed.Doesn't sound like your arm will get better on its own. Perhaps it needs just a little assistance?

    mava Watching the ahletics very much the right thing to do this affie. Did you see Marilyn Okuru's kamikaze run?

    SGQ Oh crikey! Some run! What they call character building and I call misery inducing. But I will concede it's excellent hard earned miles in the bank.

    Not a nice race. Good pace though sir and concluding impressive mileage for the week! Sounds like you and SGQ shared the same weather.

    clink So glad the jaunt into double figures went well. You'd expect your speed to be down at the moment - you'll be back to fighting form in time for some good spring and summer races. Gotter be!

    That'll have to do  for now. Pilates for me later. 

  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    morning all.

    NZC - fantastic!  So pleased for you.

    Lots of hard long runs in horrid weather yestery - rather you than me!

    TmR - well done to you too at your 10k

    Sharkie - yes, watched Marilyn Okuru's run.  Shame but I bet she learned loads from it.  Had marveled the day before at Mo Farrah's fantastic gold medal run.  So good to see him finally reaching towards his potential.

    What: 4.4 miles @ ~68% WHR
    Why: finally, an easy run!
    Last hard:  every run last week
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    Another day off work today although I now have to stay home till a man  with a damp meter pitches up to tell us whether the kitchen is drying out.  I've almost given up hope that we'll have a kitchen any time soon.

    Have a good day all.

  • Morning all from sunny Devon.

    Great racing yesterday - RFJ, TMR, blisters & special mention for NZC - great stuff!

    Some good LSRs as well, anyone would think that there were marathons coming up...

    What:  3 miles on road planned for lunch time
    Why:  Schedule at last allows me out!

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    NZC - image stonking stuff. Congrats on the anniversary too.

    TmR - well done on the 10k/win. Re: into the wind, could it be to do with rpe? i.e. you think you're working harder than you are, and therefore not as hard as you should (if that makes sense)? I find on tired legs this is not uncommon. Alternatively, C could be one of these people who manage to eke out extra effort into a headwind?

    sl2 - fingers crossed the hammy is ok.

    Nice long run Imski.

    Blisters - well done. Sounds like it was character building stuff!

    SGQ - tough training runs like that will make the race seem easier. When you're in a mara and going through the inevitable bad patch, just think back and remember toughing out this training run and the mara will seem like a piece of cake image

    Stickless - no point running if you're not enjoying it, so sounds like you made the right choice in short and fast over long and slow. The long runs will follow naturally when you're enjoying yourself.

    Gobi - nothing I can say that I haven't already. As hard as it may seem just try to stay positive.

    RFJ - well raced all the same. Once bitten, twice shy here on not checking out the routes - I always try get some info about routes beforehand now.

    Having come through a kiddie's b'day party with Jr, which involved one of these play areas with loads of slides and climbing things unscathed, I figured it was safe to try a cautious test run this morning, so took it nice and handy and not even a twinge, so it looks like rest was the right option image Will need to go a little quicker later to test it again (as it was only when I got to PMP+60s on Friday that it got really sore), but looking good so far. Hopefully this means Project Edinburgh can begin in earnest image

    What: 10m @ rec pace d&d / 5-10m a little quicker later
    Why: test time
    Last hard: the last few days
    Last rest: the last few days
    Lyrics: nope

    All being well this afternoon I am confident that the extra 5 weeks will allow me to turn up at Edinburgh ready to rock. Feeling all chirpy and extra positive again this morning (though in fairness I haven't gotten too down about this whole London thing. Everybody has been assuming I must be gutted, but I guess it's different when the decision is yours rather than made for you).

    Have a good day folks. image

  • Back after a 10 day break (inflamed knee ligaments - now rested and settled back down I hope)

    What: Cross counry relays with club colleagues yesterday - easy run out to the course then a two mile thrashing - easy run back

    Last hard: Yesterday - cardiac hill!!!

    Last rest - all of last week

    About to travel up to Yorkshire dales this afternoon for a few days - looking forward to running on the Pennine Way and on some of the other trails.

    Our lunchtime running group is sadly one member less - found out this morning that one of my work colleagues died over the weekend (we have no details) - deeply shocked and saddened - the person concerned was a very fit young guy - double world champion in full contact Filipino stick fighting (one and two sticks) - when I run later today it will be with a very heavy heart.

  • Morning

    Graham - sorry to hear about your colleague. It is always distressing when somene dies young. Hopefully a visit to God's Own County will let you come to terms with it.

    My first run for 6 weeks yesterday, so of course I decide to do a 15 miler just to ease back into it gently. BIG mistake. Now walking like John Wayne and squawking as I go down the stairs. Caused much amusement amongst family and friends.

    What; 6 miles gingerly
    Why: because I don't think I'd manage 8

  • Morning folks.

    A good weekend's reading.

    NZC - fantastic! That's a quality time.

    SL2 - hope the hammy eases off.

    Blisters - an excellent 20(.2) miler. And loved the report.

    Sharkie - love the session decriptions!

    TT - Sounds positive...take care.

    GLiT - sympathies.

    Raced the Balloch to Clydebank HM yesterday. The blizzard outside the window in the morning never boded well for the race, but off we headed anyway on the bus to the start. Absolutely Baltic on the start line (made the decision to just go with the vest!), so glad to get going!

    The early miles were tough, and headed into a strong wind...unfortunately this sort of dictated how my race went! After about a mile a group of 5 opened up a slight gap, and I found myself in another group of 5 about 20 metres behind. At this point, we were clicking along at a comfortable pace, one that was in line with my time target for the race. But through the 3rd and 4th mile I could sense my group was easing off the pace slightly, to the extent that I was almost chopping my stride to sit in behind the guys at the front. Alas, the gap to the front group had now opened considerably and I was caught in the dilemma of whether to try to bridge the gap alone and risk getting caught in no-man's land into the wind for miles, or whether to carry on as we were. In the end, the decision was made for me by another guy tearing past us into the distance approaching the 5 mile mark. At around this time, one of my clubmates caught us up, so the two of us and one other guy upped the pace for a couple of miles. But the damage was done...there was no hope of catching any of the front group by now. Myself and my clubmate worked pretty well through miles 8, 9 and 10 to lose the guy who was with us (through 10 miles in about 58.10), and from then on it was simply a case of running steadily to the finish. With about a mile to go my clubmate upped the pace and I couldn't respond immediately, but to my surprise he started coming back towards me in the final 300 metres...chased him hard, but the line came just too early. We crossed the line a second apart in 7th and 8th positions (securing the team prize along with our other clubmate who finished 2nd), and I clocked 1.16.33. A reasonable enough time in the circumstances, but in hindsight a case of what might have been...a guy I usually beat who found himself in the first group ran mid-75's, while another guy I've been close to of late ran about 74.50. Looks like I just made the wrong decision, as I felt I had a bit more I could have given afterwards. But still happy enough with how I felt running what is after all a decent enough time. Lesson learnt.

    So for today...

    What: lunchtime - 4 or 5 easy miles, pm - about 8 easy miles at the club
    Why: recovery

    Have a great day.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    NZC - Yahooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Great stuff.

    TmR - really lovely to see you too in fine form.

    Graham - sorry to hear that. Have a good run.

    Scobos - always a difficult thing to judge, I imagine. You'll get some of those right, and some of them wrong. Even more difficult to judge when the conditions are extreme.

    Podro - Ouch! sorry to hear it.

    Not running today. If I'm a good girl (get seminar talk for tomorrow prepared today) I will allow myself a run tomorrow morning. If not, yrs trly will be struggling against the clock to get prepared.

    Go well all.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Graham, deepest sympathies for the loss of one of your posse.
    Great racing from Scobos , blisters , rfj and especially NZC on making the record books!
    Incidentally RFJ, do you think the long warm up may have contributed to the heavy legs over the last mile or so?

    What - 4miles from Waterloo via Tower Bridge to work this morning. Bit chilly at 6:15am with the wind coming off the river, back pack felt doubly heavy. 
  • Afternoon all

    NZC - Superb effort, have a day off today!!! 

    TmR - Well done

    Podro - Easy does it.

    Graham - Sorry to hear about your colleague. Tragic news.

    Scobos - You speedy thing, congrats

    TT - All looks well again.

    Yesterday's lyrics were Easy - Lionel Ritchie

    What - Nothing, other commitments

    Why - See above

    Have a good day



  • Graham - Sympathies

    TT - Things are looking up

    Scobos - Still sounds like a decent performance, even by your standards

    Enjoyed my first road run of 2009, sunny & breezy, 3 flat miles in 23:45.  Then into the gym for a couple of K on the rower & some resistance work.

    Achilles felt OK for the run, will be interesting to see how it is in the morning.  Road running is quite different on the lower legs to track & dreadmill, so here's hoping...

  • Afternoon all,

    NZC:  Where did that come from!  Great performance, and congrats on the first place and course record.  Happy Anniversary too!

    TMR:  Well done on the win and fastest time since 1993.  Interesting observation on the effect of the wind.  If you were running at 10k pace, you'd expect to slow down into the wind.  If C didn't, that would suggest she wasn't running at 10k pace and could up the effort into the wind.

    Graham - terrible news about your friend.  Remember the good runs. 

    Scobos:  Nice running in tough conditions. 

    • What:  7m
    • Why:  I felt good at the end of yesterday's run and before today's, so I was hoping for good things, but my leg had other plans. 
    • Last Hard:  n/a
    • Last Rest:  Last LAst Saturday

    Have a good one!

  • Graham - very sorry to hear your news.

    NZC - that's an amazing run - well done!

    Scobos - that's a nice run.

    What: 6M in a bit
    Why: working at home, so no commute this evening
    Last hard: yesterday's 20M
    Last rest: Saturday, if you can call helping to host your parents' golden wedding anniversary bash a "rest" - i was exhausted by the time we got home!

    Was hoping to run at lunch time, but work schedule got in the way in the end.  Now it will be getting dark when I do manage to go, so will have to stay in town rather than head out on to the unlit country lanes.  Being hit by a car would definitely hinder the marathon training, and we're at the time of year when getting dark and people arriving home from work coincide, so the little lanes are at their most dangerous with people looking for shortcuts etc..

  • NZChristine

    You are one classy runner and one classy lady! What a wonderful anniversary day. First in your age group, a win, AND the new W55 course record, just great. 3:36 is a smashing time.

    I know you are very modest so I wasn't too surprised when I came across a bit more info about you on another thread. It had to be prized out of you with a scalpel and you still belittled your achievement. Here you are:

    "Tom - no - not elite - just been around for a long time - only claim to fame - national marathon champ 1981 -  top girls must have been racing overseas."

     'Top girls must have been racing overseas' indeed!

    You were fabulous then AND YOU STILL ARE.
     - Inspirational missis!

  • Clink Please don't fall over anything else. Just stay out of trouble will you?

    That's excellent news form you at last. Fastest 10k since 1993 - when you were more than 25 years younger. God description of race too. Sounds like the wind is a real factor for you - I know it is for me and I don't have to contend with it for more than 400 metres. Are you quite light? I know I am just NOT strong enough against the wind, even when I tell myself I can push against it I lose an alarming amount of speed.

    Such distressing news about your friend.
  • Sharkie - mate - now that is too much!! I was absolutely thrilled with my run as it has been a long time coming. Didn't think I had  another reasonable one in me. It was twice as good as I hadn't done a 20 miler. One old guy at the club said to me, that he'd rather run a marathon than run 20 miles. He won his 70 year old age group and got under 4hrs too! Don't get me wrong, certainly don't think you'd get away with it all the time, but conditions were perfect for running on Saturday, once we started we had light rain most of the way so never got terribly over-heated like I usually do.

    Scobos - great half, but can understand that 75 mins could have been in the bag if you had gone with the first group. Are you running a marathon soon?

    Graham - very sorry to hear about your friend.

    SGQ - congrats to your parents - 50 years great achievment.

    Thanks everyone for all your support - it certainly helps coming on here knowing that if you throw in the towel, it has to be reported. So great to have my internet running friends.

    Two of my Wednesday coffee run ladies had a great Saturday too. Both did IMNZ - both W60 - one of them is now off to Kona again!!

    What: legs still sore but mowed the lawns.

    Good running everyone.

  • Evening

    NZC....that is a fantastic time, top performance of many this weekend. Hope your anniversary was a great one.

    Graham....sorry to hear the loss of your friend.

    What: 15k steady in 62mins

    Hamstring is still causing me concern. Can run with it but it starts to get a little sore after about 6ish miles.

  • Evening all,

    Graham, sorry to hear about your friend.

    NZC: Cracking result for you yesterday! So pleased for you image

    TmR: super run from you too.

    Scobos: sounds like a good learning experience in the midst of a nice performance

    What: 3.25m very easily followed by stretching session
    Why: testing my legs, the prognosis seems okay, with my legs feeling the effects of the fall, but no severe discomfort really. hopefully a bit better tomorrow...

  • NZ Christine YaaaaaaaaaaaaHoooooooooooooooo Brilliant REEEESULT !

    TmR: I'm pleased that you had a rivalry race yesterday, and that you were able to get into gear and give it some welly. And I did spot that Sharkie couldn't subtract two numbers. But it was the best 10k for 16 years.

    Scobos: A grand report, and I can appreciate the concept of whether to go with the group and prevent the break forming. You did some real racing and trying to break the pace in that 10th mile.

    Graham: a sad loss of such a young chap.

    Podro: Why is it that you make me laugh so much?

    Now then my chickens, I suppose that I'd better go and waddle outside for a bit, just as soon as I've finished on the confuser. Hmm it sounds like I'm wavering already.

  • NZC, our posts yesterday crossed, so sorry I missed yours. That's a brilliant time from you, and great that you were able to keep the pace up, and off not so specific marathon training too, if I'm right.

    clink, mum to stay isn't that bad as pre race prep, cos I get to sit down more to be polite, rather than rushing around doing things all the time !

    TT. I certainly thought I was working harder than I was; C does far less mileage and her legs would have been very fresh (and she is 8 or so years younger); great to hear that your run this am went well.  Are you donig Silverstone next Sun ?

    AF that was certainly the case when I dropped behind my training partner last Tues, when it was similarly windy, but he can do 400s loads faster

    sharkie, Good detective work re NZC !    

    What: nothing
    Why: very tired, so thought it was a good way to start an easy week (though I had an extra 3 days of easy last week)

  • long day today.

    what :am. 10miles 66 mins,  pm 13 miles 73 minutes

    why :had to run to and from work today no car.

    same again tomorrow

  • evening

    late post, need to be quick

    nonetheless, can't let NZC's marathon performance pass by - what a brilliant effort. Well done for not backing off when you realised you were way ahead of the schedule you expected.

    Scobos - good race, sounds like you were unfortunate to end up in the "wrong" group

    TMR - age group win and a 16 year PB  - even if you couldn't catch your rival, that's not a bad day at the office by any stretch

    what: 10.7 miles, d&d in 86:00, mean HR 143. That does however include a ~4:30 hiatus for pitstop (at a conveniently (no pun intended) located Morrisons) just after the 5 mile mark.
    why: needed a longer outing after missing weekend long run with cold

    Calves a bit tight, and were so last night as well. My fault for only stretching after my runs - things seem to have tightened up quite a bit during my days off.

  • Slow DuckSlow Duck ✭✭✭

    Good evening all - just catching up...

    NZC - awesome!  Congratulations on a great run.

    Also honourable mentions to some good racing at the weekend, Scobos, Blisters, RFJ et al.

    Graham - sorry to hear the sad news.

    Good luck to those of you making tentative comebacks, Gobi, Podro, TT, Clink.

    My apologies if I've missed anybody.


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