Where are the times ?

Anyone know where the listings and results are for yesterdays Oulton Park 1/2 marathon ?

I've looked on the tri-active website.


  • I cant see them either - any idea who was doing the timing ? Sometimes its up on the timing companys website first ?
  • The leaflet gave the name of the website for the timings - it was an oulton park themed name  i cannot remember - something like circuit times or lap times - if anyone has the leaflet please let me know, the gale force wind blew mine away

  • they will be on www.circuit-days.co.uk, but just checked and they are not up yet. Still showing last year's results.
  • still no results or pictures yet only last years...
  • Still no results?
  • Just checked, nothing on there yet. I remember in the blurb we got with our race number it said something like "race results will be visible a few days later on www.circuit-days.co.uk..." Hopefully that means today at the latest?!
  • relax. its only tuesday.

    wear a watch in future image

  • I did but I forgot to stop it! Doh!
  • I did wear a watch and got a time of 1:55:02, but i'd still like to know my position was.

    Surely it can't be that difficult to get a list of 400 names and times put together.........

  • I know I didn't come first or last image
  • I hope didn't come last! image
  • Kevin Miller 7 wrote (see)

    Surely it can't be that difficult to get a list of 400 names and times put together.........

    go for it !

  • Still no signs of the results. I didn't set my watch properly at the start either.

  • Ed_m (a.k.a. ultra bunny) - Give me a list of the names and times and i'll have something done by the end of the day.

     The Antobus 10k Cabbage Canter and The Chester Half Marathon use the same "techniques" of time capture (i.e. no chip timing) and have more runners than on Sunday and they managed to get the time out quicker.

     The whole thing smacks of amateurism and lack of respect for the runners.

  • I wish everyone would stop getting excited at times....I'm sure the organizers will publish them shortly...life won't come to a standstill!!....Put more energy into what is happening in the present and your life will be happier and less stressful...

     P.S.....they are taking a long time though and ought to hurry up!!

  • Hi all

    The photos are available www.jonathanwarrenphotography.co.uk

    If you click on the Race Photos link on the left of the main page and go from there.

     Sorry but don't know when the results are out.


    Jonathan Warren

    p.s Let me know if you have any probs with website as it is new.


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Jonathan I tried to look at some photos but the text is all jumbled up.  I managed to view the page in firefox with no page style selected, but the thumbnails are too small to identify the runners.  A page of bigger photos that you click to select would be a lot more helpful I reckon

  • Some good shots there, thanks Jonathan. I still look like a zombie when I run though, can't blame you for that one!

    Website worked fine.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Again, I'm having problems of firefox. I'll have to use pesky Internet explorer!

  • Actually, have the same problem with IE.

    I like the way you've sorted the photos out by finishing time. Usually it takes hours to get through all the photos (especially when you're near the back!)

  • The text is still jumbled up, but once you get past that the photos are very good.

  • The results are still not up and I don't even know whether my time will be on there because I am only 16 and I got 1hr 25 mins (according to my Foreunner watch), but the person timing may have thought that I had dropped out or something cos I was running very very slow towards the end lol.

    And just a quick note for Jonathan Warren - the website has some nice pictures on, but I find the writing quite difficult to read so you might want to consider changing the font for easier navigation throughout the website.

    Thanks everyone image

  • Have done some 'jigging' with the site so hope it is better now.  Can't explain some of the problems as I have opened the site in both Explorer and Firefox and it seems to work ok for me.  I even tested on other PC's at work and is ok so really sorry if it's not working for some people.

    I am going to be getting some new software for future events in the long term as I agree the thumbnails are small but I was hoping the time break downs will help with that and you can still scroll through the large images by clicking on the thumbnails.




  • Just noticed the results are now up. Agree with my time +- 1 sec.



  • Apologies for the delay with race timings, we had a few discrepancies due to runners covering up their numbers and rushing off to get warm!

     The results are now up on www.circuit-days.co.uk, click on the flashing Oulton Park link.

     Just to mention the lady casualty is getting better, I spoke to her yesterday. 

     Hope everyone enjoyed the event, feedback is always useful, good or bad! 

     Big thank-you to Jonathan for his efforts with the photos in the grim weather.

     Many thanks

    Graham and the race team.

  • Hi Graham

     I thoroughly enjoyed it - my first half since 1983 ! Thought it was very well organised indeed and would certainly run again based on Sunday.


  • Graham

    I really enjoyed the format of the circuit - taking my experience into consideration, when i came out of the rally circuits back onto the track, after the rain it got quite slippery underfoot and an anti-slip mat on the corner would be great.

    I dont know if its just me but i thought the water table outside chequers would have been better placed on the right - it seemed a little cack-handed trying to grab a cup with the left hand.

    Apart from that, i thoroughly enjoyed it, even the weather didn't put me off


  • Graham,

     The race track and rally track bit of the course are fine, but the grass was badly rutted with tractor tyre marks and got very muddy as the race progressed, the cinder trail has big buts of cinder lying on it and the dirt track was very pot-holed, i almost went over on my ankles a few times.

     This is my 6th half marathon and as much as i hate to say it, it was possibly the worst i've done (despite getting my 2nd fastest time ever).

     I won't be back

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