Torn Calf Muscle

Ive apparentley torn my calf muscle whilst playing football last friday......(at 37 im still clinging to my footie playing days) i was running i felt a pop in my calf and that was it.........Saturday morning it felt so bad i went to A&E as  i was worried it was something more serious.....i was just examined (no scan etc)....was told id propably torn my calf muscle and it will heal itself in 6 to 8 weeks..

Has anyone else done this......and how long before i can at least jog ( footie can wait) 3 days on now and i m suprised how quickly its settled...i can walk now but its still feels like ive got a cut on the back of my leg.......but from saturday to now .....its improved much more than i imagined so at this rate i cant see me been out for 8 weeks...can i?


  • My husband tore his calf muscle and he was out of action for a few months.  May be worth visiting a sports physio as they will be more helpful than A&E.

    It really depends how bad the tear was.

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