Wednesday 11th March 2009

# people get injuries

What: 12 miles very easy
Why: trying not to kick the training too hard? Probably overdone a bit last week as very knackered
Last hard: sunday
Last rest: yesterday

Yummy athletes, now we're talking... Always thought Dame Kelly looks great.
Denise Lewis has flemish offspring, courtesy of Patrick Stevens, the lucky barsteward
On the topic of retired flemish sprinters, yesterday Kim Gevaert announced she's pregnant. Baby's dad was not too shabby at the sprints either. Somehow imagine sharkie has choosen her parents less carefully for sprinting purposes image

graham - shocking news on your running buddy.
I trust cardiac hill is still as painful as last years relays were I parked badly on it after overdoing it in the fairly technical (at 2 mile race speed at least) downhill approach.

can you guys stop mentioning food? Cooked mussels last week after DD set me up with a craving for them (well done on duchy btw) and now I feel the need for curry developing...

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