Oakhaven Easter 10K

I hope the weather is better than last year, when it belted down with rain the whole time and the "car park" was a sea of mud. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the race, even though the corse was shortened due to flooding.

My entry has been accepted, and I am looking forward to the race.


  • Me and my friend are entering and it will be our first 10k race. Hopefully the weather will be ok!!!! I don't much fancy running in the rain and the mud for the first one.
  • CB  Hope you and your friend enjoy the race!
  • Weather is looking good for sunday - We have over 200 Pre entries which is fabulous. I hope everyone enjoys the run  - thanks from us all here at Oakhaven Hospice
  • Have the measurement issues everyone seemed to be talking about been resolved?

     Does the race start in New Park, and is registration at the same place?

     Big T

  • Hi Big T measurement is NOT an issue this year, there will be distance markers at each K  - the 10K starts and finishes in New Park and yes registration is in the same place - I hope to see you there
  • Thanks KC. I'm glad that there will be K markers and the course accurately measured. Good news about the lack of rain, fingers crossed.

    I expect you will get quite a few entries on the day, so should be a great success.

  • Hope to be running this again this year, fantastic course and hope that the `issues` raised after last year have been resolved. Good luck to everyone taking part.
  • Any info on the "minithon"?  I've got a couple of 8 year olds who would be up for a 2 or 3k run.   The entry form says "from 09:30" - are there age groupings?

    Then, might have a little go at the 10k myself!  Entry form says 10:30, but RW has 11:30 - anyone know for sure?

    Cheers image

  • A bit late now Blacklers but the 10k was at 11.30.

    Apart from the appalling state of the men's toilets, for which the Organisers apologised, the race was excellent. Accurately measured with K markers. I was pleased with my 48.26, which is about the time I was aiming for.

  • After an unsheduled stop at winchester a&e this morning for offspring (all okay - no panic!) got to the late entries desk at 11:12am, but volunteers were fantastic, and signed me up straight away!  Glad I did, as a 35:44 got me 2nd.  Really nice event - will be back.

  • Well done Blacklers, an excellent time. I've only gone sub 36 once, and that was about  20 years agoimage
  • Absolutely brilliant course and event.

    Only minor issue I have is that I can't beleive the course is accurate as with an out and back the 1km and 9km (2km/8km etc) should be in the same place and they were not. Seems like the last km was short. Was a PB for me, but dont feel I can count it.

    Does anyone know when the results will be available.

  • Hi The Race Positions will be on www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk/activities.asp tomorrow.

     Many Thanks to everyone who entered and helped raise a fantastic amount of money for the Hospice.

    KImberley Callaway

  •  Jim I noticed the 1k and 9k markers didn't appear together and also ran a PB, first time under 40 mins.

    Possible though as I pushed hard and ache for England today.

    I found the first K seemed long 4.02, so this may explain the short last K ??

    Did anyone run with a Garmin ?, as long as the course was a measured 10k  I'm not too bothered about the markers being slightly out.

    Please tell me I did a genuine sub 40 image

  •  Very dissapointed with the way the results are posted, no names or times. I had a couple of friends also ran the 10K and without knowing their numbers it's impossible to know their position.

     My wife also ran the 5K and although she knows her position, she doesn't know how many people in front of her were male.

     The organisers could learn a lot from the Lymington 10K, and this race could easily be as big, if not bigger.

     All in all a good race for an excellent charity, but it could be so much better !

  • I think we need to give them a chance.

    They may be working on the results. I know my number but it does not appear at all in the results but have emailed them the approximate details in the hope that it allows them to resolve any problems. If they sort out the times then I would be more than happy to do this again next year.

    I have always thought that having a video camera at the finish of a race would allow any problems with time keeping to be sorted.

  • Agreed sixter, very disappointed! I can't remember my number, so have no idea where I came. I'm sure last years results had names, age cats. times and positions. Perhaps another results table will be posted later. If not, there will be a lot of very disappointed runners.
  •  Good idea to have a video camera at the finish Jim, that would get the numbers and times of all runners image  Hope you get your position sorted mate.

     Agreed Terence, after filling out names etc on the entry forms I'm sure the info is there, perhaps you're right and the full detailed results will appear soon.

     How did you guys find the distance, I'm sure the first K was long as I gunned it and only made a 4.02, this may explain the markers being slightly out.

  • I had a Garmin and (it depends when I pressed the buttons) but recorded Kms 3, 5, 6, 8 and especially  9/10 were slightly short with a total of 9.82km.

  •  Interesting Steve, I E mailed the organiser about the distance and was told the course was measured the day before and if anything it may have been slightly over ??

     I'll be using the Garmin from now on, but not at this race as the results are just numbers and placings without names or times, not a lot of good to those people who forgot their numbers image

     After sales service is lacking with this one !

  • I'm afraid that many runners won't return next year, due to the meaningless "results." This will be a pity, as it is a good course, and raises a lot of money for a very deserving Cause. I am hoping that if the race is again held next year, then they will produce results giving names, numbers, positions, age cats. etc.
  •  Agreed Terence, I think this is the 3rd year of this race, should be getting it right by now. The majority of people who run these races do so knowing full well they won't win it, so are trying to beat PB's or fellow competitors of similar ability etc, without such basic information as names and times displayed what is the point of  ' results ' in this form. All the information was requested on the entry forms so could easily have been used. Five of us ran this year and that's five that won't be entering next year.

     Such a shame as I have already said, it could easily have been a great event and is for a great cause.

  • Have to agree guys that the results were a disappointment. Real shame as the rest of the organisation was very good (however I didn't experience the toilets!!!). First time I'd run this - great course and managed to get a PB on it. Ran it with a Garmin and despite losing the GPS a couple of times, it still said it was a little longer than 10k !! All in all still a great race and I'll be back next year especially as my daughter's got to defend her title in the minithon.
  •  I think the distance was ok too Stuart, I've since run the Lym 10k and did another sub 40 so my time on this race seems about right.

  • Measured with the Garmin 405 this year - came up a few meters short but nothing significant - I'd be happy to say that it's about right.
  • I believe you were the winner this year Blackers, well done! My Garmin measured the course as 6.15 miles. It was a shame that vandals had removed the k markers, so I was glad to have been able to check off the miles.
  • The results were out on the 15th last year. Can you please advise when they are likely to be out this year please?
  • Results still not up!
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