Belvoir Half-Marathon

Looing forward to this one.
Ran it for the first time last year and managed a PB.

Am going to send off entry today - I think there is a coouple of hundred entries already, so I don't want to leave it too late.

Anyone else running?


  • I'll be there

    Missed it last year as I was injured, so fingers crossed I'll be in one piece this time round.....

  • I plan to drive over and run tomorrow.  Will have some Science in Sport gels with me if any wants to buy for the event or pre London.  I do them 6 for £5.

     Good luck to all, looks warm and still!

  • great event and results up already


  • Cant seem to find the results anywhere?
  • Sorry I am out so can't send link. Go to event site look at previous results the race timing company has results on their site

    Photos up on Mick hall too!

    Hope this helps

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the race again this year and a brilliant momento as well.

    A good first time half for anyone that's interested.
    Pleased to get a PB again this year, partly due to team mate running with me and making me work harder.

    I think everyone should do this with a fellow team mate.

    Impressed with the quick results on the notice board after the race.
    It's good to know your time before leaving for home image
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