Belly Breathing

...for better health, better running and improved sexual vigour!

anyone tried it? any good?
I tried earlier on and found it quite difficult - like patting your head whilst rbubbing your it worth persevering?


  • If you sing, you can do it
  • It also is useful when you want to shout really loud at people. Not that I ever do of course.
  • Its one of those things like stopping yourself peeing mid flow

    It takes practice and developing the correct muscles - but worth the effort

  • Why do I want to breathe with/from my belly instead of my lungs?!
  • Better breathing love, more efficient, and more air
  • Hmm, in that case I better practice. Maybe I could then dispense with my inhalers.
  • Will - so is it North East thing - like Sting?

    oh no not bl**dy sting again!
  • Well us Geordies have to be good at 1 or 2 things :o)
  • So what's so great about being able to stop peeing mid flow Will???
  • Pictures
    that kind of thing iain
  • Are we talking yellow snow Benz?
  • er no...
    another book 4 you fruity - ISBN 0-00-714515-2
  • er hipps might be but Will and I weren't!
  • After reading the article, I tried the breathing bit, not the step counts.  My running has stayed the same for six years and nothing has improved it.  The first thing I noticed was my speed picked up without me doing anything.  Initially on the treadmill I set it at 10KPH and when I breathed this way I was out running the belt.  I raised it to 12.5KPH eventually and found this fine.  That, for me, is a massive improvement.

    I then tried a 3K run on the road where I normally get in around 18 mins.  These runs came in in 15:50, so again an improvemnt.  Finally I don't feel the effects of the run afterwards and it is generally much easier.

    Thank you for this tip, for me it worked perfectly.


  • Belly breathing still good.  I also found an app on the Google Play android app site called fastTxtPro.  It has a number of features but the one I like is "whenwillifinish".  Used it in a race the other weekend and it txt's (optional) your time quarter, half and three-quarter distance to whoever you choose and also gives them an idea when you will finish.  Great for friends and family who aren't running because it frees them up and gives them an idea when you will get in.  Distances show in miles and KM.  Worked OK in that race and I was in 1 minutes before it predicted.   Its free as well so that is good.

  • I find diaphragmatic breathing very handy when I feel a stitch coming on. Sorts it out before it gets too bad.

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