anyone entering the bristol half in september for the first time?

ive just agreed to run the bristol half in september.  this is my first half marathon and im already wondering what ive let myself in for.

is anyone else on here planning to do this and will it be your first one?


  • Hi Bitch (oooh that sounds wierd!)

    Go for it girl - you'll be absolutely fine.   A half marathon isn't an easy thing to do, but that's what makes it such an achievement - if it was something you could just do tomorrrow, then it wouldn't be worth doing!  That said, just look at the numbers of people who finish the great north run - they all manage it - and with smiles on their faces.

    I reckon Bristol is probably a great choice for a first half marathon - I've heard it's a flat course and it'll have a big city atmosphere which will no doubt spur you on.

    You've got plenty of time to train.  I dont' know how much running you do now, but I'd advise building it up slowly and then finding training plan off the RW website.

     I've just moved back down south and am planning to enter  - hadn't realised entries had opened actually  - thanks for the info!

    Good luck!

  • Hi Bitch,

    I am planning to run the Bristol half and it will be my first half marathon. Started running in January this year. Did a 10KM in Cardiff on March 1st and really enjoyed being in a race for the first time.

    A friend ran Bristol last year and he sold it to me, great course and atmosphere. Go for it!

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