Stuck in a rut at 3 miles

Hi folks

I have recently taken up running, using the RW beginners' schedule. I completed that about two months ago and since then I've been running a 3 mile route about 4 times a week. I would like to increase this but cannot get past the 3 mile mark - I am literally ready to collapse and feel like I can't go an inch further!

Is this a psychological (read: laziness) thing - once I get to the traffic lights that mark the end of my run I automatically switch off?

Also - I would like to incorporate some interval training. Could this be done with a stopwatch on my regular route, maybe once a week or so?



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    Hi Pogie, well done for getting out there! You've done really well to get to the 3 mile mark but you will be able to go further. Don't forget - even Paula had to start somewhere.

    There are several things you could try. How about varying your route a bit so that you don't have that mental block to overcome? Just doing your current route backwards (no, don't actually run backwards, silly image) could help, but I'm sure there are other routes to be explored. That will also stave off boredom - one of the best things about running is exploring new places!

    The other thing is to try a run/walk program, even if it's just to get you past the 3 mile mark - say run10/walk2 right from the start and that should eneable you to go further.

    Yes, you can do some intervals on your regular route - but be careful that you don't overdo things by adding both speed and distance in the same week at the start.

  • Thanks Slugsta for the tips. I am loathe to run/walk/run as my legs tend to turn to lead but probably just need to get used to it. I'll try it out to see if I can go a bit further!

  • Hi Pogie, you're maybe just going a little too quickly - If you feel ready to collapse after 3 miles, but have been doing that quite regularly, slow down a bit on say 1 run per week and gradually increase the distance of that run. You need to go slower to go longer!

    Good luck.


  • have you tried getting lost? i mean following public footpath signs to see where they bring you out? i was getting a bit too used to my usual routes and the weather was lovely so i followed a sign... ok so ended up in mud but it slowed me down gave me a chance to recover a bit and inspired me to do a steep hill i'd been dragging but just appeared in front of me! lol. only went an extra half a mile in the end but conquered the hill which boosted my confidence and helped me change my normal routes.
  • Hi pogie,

    Basically you need to go slower.  Don't even think about doing intervals until you master running slowly.  By the end of your slow run, you should feel like you could turn 'round and do it all again.

    Once you know how to run slow, then you can try running fast image

    Well done for getting out there and doing it!

  • If you don't want to  / can't vary your route, make a note of the usual time it takes you.  Get to the traffic lights, run an extra minute past, THEN turn round.  Promise yourself you can walk after you get to your usual time for 3 miles if needed.  Then when you get to the time, see if you can run a little further.  If not, walk, no problem, you're nearly home.  Should break the psychological thing with the turnround point (it's not just laziness).
  • Get an upbeat song on ur ipod if u have one to hit on at 3 miles xxx
  • Hi

    I agree with chocolate Moose about slowing down.  The slower I run the further I can go.

    How about entering a 10k race in about 7 -8 weeks time and build up slowly.

  • People have already said this but I just thought I would share that when I first started running I only did 3 miles tops for a good couple of years - didnt really think about it at the time - anyhow once I got into racing and wanted to do more initially I used to walk a bit extra and then turn round and run back.  I also adopted a "just add a few more steps" mental challenge so naturally I started to go a little bit further each time.. you soon want to.. and walk/run is a useful tool to extend upwards I found - once you walk/run the longer distance I found myself having to run it all fairly quickly

  • Thank you all so much for the advice.

    I went out earlier and made a point of going slower. I felt like I had loads of puff left in me after 3 miles and even managed to run on a bit further! Google maps tells me I did 3.4 miles - wohoo!

    I think I will carry on with my faster 3 milers during the week and work at upping my distance over a longer run on Sundays.

    Thanks again guys!

  • Well done! 

    Now enter a 10k image

  • well done image  Carry on participating in the forum and we'll soon have you totally addicted!
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