Spring is here

What a lovely day.  Went for a 5k trundle on my little legs, popped to the farmers market, and did a spot of gardening.  Who could ask for more (apart from maybe a pint in a beer garden image)

Hooray, how the weather can make or break my mood!


  • MadameOMadameO ✭✭✭
    So true - it's amazing how much difference a bit of sunshine makes! It inspired me to do my spring cleaning this weekend (maybe because the brightness shows up all the dust).
  • Hmm, I know what you mean.  The cobwebs have appeared out of nowhere!
  • I'm so glad I got my FLM place at the last minute, so didn't have to do all those nasty, claggy, winter training runs.  A longish plod in the spring sunshine with The Archers podcast was just lovely this morning
  • How's the training going, Hash?  Nice work on the last minute place.  You must be very excited
  • It was a great day to be out and about! I'm glad I didn't stay indoors all day. Housework? No way!image
  • I got sunburnt during my race today.  In March?!   What?!  image
  • Fab thanks Jo, if I can do 20 on my own I can do 26 with support.  Woohoo!

    Didn't manage sunburn Kaz, but there wasn't much around when I set off.  I am a bad person, we had friends staying over and I decided Blouse could do the morning after the night before bacon buttie thing.  Just thinking what else I can use this marathon training lark as an excuse to get out of image

  • Sorry I thought you had found the spring that fell out of my tri bars
  • http://wildeherb.com/images/colts-foot.jpg

    Colts Foot



    Lots of daffs out, plus Celandine and Colts Foot - cheers up the hedgerows, and also saw some white dead nettle in flower last week. Cow Parsley is starting to romp away too.

  • Wild garlic out during my r*ce today.

    As for spring cleaning...I'm buying a new kiitchen to avoid cleaning the old one. Although I don't think this'll work next year! image

  • It worked for me last year!  Although there was a heavy price to pay in termsof builders' bacon butties, and on balance give me viakal and Mr Sheen
  • Great work, Hash.  I'm quite tempted to find an excuse to get out of housework type stuff.  I think the weather is a good enough one!!!

    No sign of your tri bar spring, Plumb.  But I'll keep looking.

    JB - those pics are great and really cheery. More where they came from!

  • Bacon butties??? I was thinking of Happy Shopper biscuits and tea.

    I packed my good dinner service and cook books away this afternoon. So 1 cupboard, a shelf and a display unit, and 6 boxes full.

    11 more cupboards to empty. image

  • I symapthise, but just think how lovely it'll be to have a new sparkly kitchen image

    If you find my National Insurance card in there, can you let me know.  I need it tomorrow, so I now have to race over to my folks' place to see if I actually never moved it out!

  • Spring is still here - I've even caught the sun today, wahoo image
  • Had an absolutely lovely run through the woods yesterday with lovely dappled sunshine everwhere. image

    Today I've been cooped up indoors all day working on group projects (and still another hour to go!) image

    Managed to get the washing out on the line this morning though, so should be lovely and dry by the time I get home! image

    By the time I meet up with my friend for a run this evening it'll be getting dusky and dark, but we might get a reasonably sunset...

    Bring on the light evenings!!image

  • Got home from work this afternoon. The weather was sunny so I thought I would mow the lawn. It's an electric rotary Flymo, and as I started mowing it sounded a bit underpowered. I finished the back lawn and started on the front one. About half way through mowing the front lawn smoke started pouring from the lawn mower and  motor seized up, so I will have to splash some cash for a new one. image

    Not at all impressed as I only bought it about 2 years ago. After examining the warranty I discovered it ran out after 12 months.image

  • I think electrical things are programmed to die about a week after the warranty runs out.  Wilbur the laptop, here, keeps doing strange things like typing all in capitals when I don't ask it to, and running v e r y   s l o w l y.  Please let it limp on for at least another six months, or else my foruming is going to be restricted to 1 to 2pm at w*rk.image

    A day "off" in the sunshine.  The garden looks as if ground force have visited and I ache more than I did after yesterday's 20 miler!  'Tis a nice ache, though.

  • Electrics are so annoying and they def give up the ghost just after the warranty runs out.  I think the clever engineers do it deliberately so we have to spend more money - whatever happened to things lasting a lifetime....

    Although ivy clearing is a right pain, I have to admit spending time out in the sun, clearing up the mess that was once a flowerbed here, is quite satisfying!  Off to Viginia Water for a long walk with my folks tomorrow, let's hope the weather holds!

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