3:45 training schedule

 Why does the 3:45 schedule suggest a 1:45 half is needed?  All the race-from-race predictors suggest a 3:45 marathon comes off a 1:48 half.

 I'm not sure why I mind having just done Fleet in 1:44:16, but I guess would like to know if I have a bit of "fat" in my 3:45 target!

I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere but I won't be able to find it! 


  • Because 1:45 is a rounder number than 1:48?  Because there's a bit of leeway in it?  Or possibly because the whole prediction thing is guesswork in any case, particularly trying to relate it to any given individual?

    A friend of mine was good for a 1:35 half but struggled to break 4 hours for a marathon, whatever he did in training.  Likewise I'm sure there are plenty whose marathon PB is only just over twice their HM PB.

    That said, Fleet in <1:45 should set you up for a 3:45 marathon, assuming you've done the long runs and don't do the first half of FLM in 1:45!

  • Yes I think the 1-45 is just a round number. Also I notice some of the targets are quite agressive (eg 1.5m in 10 min in the intervals last week). Didnt get close to that!  Mind you I am followin3-45 knowing that it is v ambitious as my pb (Hastings in December) is only 4-13. So anything close to 4 hour would delight me.
  • I'd say you'd certainly want to be in better than 1:48 shape.  1:45 is more realistic, and I'd be more confident with something quicker than that.
  • I was at the London Marathon day lectures a few weeks ago and they said your marathon time was double your half marathon plus 15 mins. So you are still on schedule more or less for a 4hr time on April 26. What I would worry about (and do) is the crowds of people you need to get past to get your pace right from the beginning and not have to do catch up later on. Might do a thread on that one!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    We're all different.

    If your endurance is generally better than your speed (eg. if older or female), I think you find your half pace is closer to your marathon pace than if you're better at speedwork. Just a hunch.

  • Hi, I'm running my first marathon (London) in a few weeks and I am
    struggling to figure out what my target time should be so I don't go too fast in the first 13 miles.

    I've used a couple of prediction methods based on my last two race times in the last few months
    (a half marathon and a 5 miler), the average pace of my fastest training long run, and my last yasso 800.

    5 Miles: 00:33.30 Predicted marathon time: 3:17:04
    Half marathon: 1:41.50 Predicted marathon time: 3:34:46
    21.5 miles: 3:02.45 Predicted marathon time: 3:45:21
    Yasso 800's 00:3:20 Predicted marathon time: 3:30:00 (have added on the recommended 10mins).

    All runs were on a flat surface, apart from the 21.5 miles which was undulating (not hilly).

    These are my longest 4 training runs:

    1) 21.5 miles (I ran this averaging 8:36min per mile but was only 6 days after the previous 21.5 miles)
    2) 21.5 miles (8 min miles for the first 7 miles and last 3 miles, and the middle 11.5 miles at 8.55 min miles had a lot of the main undulation)
    3) 21 miles
    4) 17 miles

    The last few weeks before starting my taper I've been running 40+ miles per week.

    After the last 21.5 miler I didn't have much left in my legs, maybe another mile or two at 8 and half min mile pace
    The range of predicted times is quite broad but I'm leaning towards 8 and half minute miles, so thats about 3 hrs 42 mins.
    I've limited my long runs to using a gel on hours 1 and 2, but in the actual marathon I think I will used a gel at the start, then every hour after. I'm also wondering how my tapering and carb
    loading will affect my energy levels on the day.

    Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot
  • Really suprised at this. I've checked calculators but I am a little sceptical.

    Recent half - sub 1h40m (Berkhamstead - very hilly)    Recent 20m  2hr50m (Oakley - undulating)

    RW calculator   3h 29m from the half time, and 3h 46m from the 20m time

    Maybe this is down to the type of training I've done - possibly need more longer runs....... a bit late now for VLM image

    My plan is to start moderately for the first half and then go faster in the 2nd.

    Don't want to die in the last 5 miles.

  • hi guys, could you help me out. are you supposed to pick a pace and stick to it in Yasso 800, or go all out on each one and toke the average? 


  • the first I think - in general intervals / reps are supposed to be done at a consistent pace.

  • Yes the yassos are meant to be done at the same pace.

    First couple should be fairly easy. They get harder with the reps.
  • hello achy leg i ran brentford half in 1.35 then ran the shakespere marathon in 3.42, both pretty flat races. i think everyone is different my 10k is 43 mins not great, i  run halfs better.

  • I've got a  HM pb of 1h35 ( 2 months ago) and a lot of the predictions put me in the 3h20-25 bracket but I am playing in safe and aiming for a 3h30 half. I think the predictions need to be taken with a pinch of salt. In my half marathon I was really pushing the pace all the way and working hard, in the marathon I want to be running at a comfortable pace that doesn't make me feel as if I am pushing and I've found an 8 min mile pace to be that

  • Depends on how much time you have got to do quality training.

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