An interesting discovery

I've had PF for just under a year now, and I had to stop running for a few months last year, been seen by an NHS podiatrist regularly.  I now wear arch supports all of the time, and seem to spend a fairly high percentage of my free time doing various stretches image.

Up until recently I've run in Mizuno Wave Inspires (3's and 4's) but at Christmas I decided to try some Asics (gel 1140's) and alternate them with my Inspires. And whaddya know? I have been on a couple of longer runs in each, and the PF is worse in the Mizunos! image Maybe they "caused" it in the first place by being just the wrong shape for my foot, or not supportive enough, or something?

I'm not entirely sure what to do now. I do like to have 2 pairs of shoes to alternate (I seem to gravitate towards deep puddles, my shoes need drying time) so I don't know whether to keep the Mizunos for shorter runs, or get rid of them and buy another pair of Asics. Not exactly flush with cah at the moment! I wonder if there's a market for slightly-used Inspires 4's? 

Anyway - what would you do? Buy more Asics? 


  • image Lass only ever buy Asics because I'm err big boned and I trust them. If that helps any?
  • Hi Cake image

    Yeah I'm big boned too image. If it turns out to be the Mizunos which have given me all this grief I'll be both annoyed and hugely relievd, all at once! Maybe I can get rid of it, finally!!! 

    So - now I need a site with an Asics sale on!!


  • Try JJB web site/moor got some cheap ones of there in January due to there fiscal problems. The back page is RW is usually good for it as well.image
  • Ooh fab, thanks! I'll try those image I might make it to a Sheffield social run yet!


  • image Don't think I will for a bit to skint. But would be very suprised if we all don't pile down the pub after the half this year. As always your welcome to join in. image 
  • Arch supports for Plantar, must help keep the Plantar from retearing. Reason why most people seem to not get rid of it , is because they retear the Plantar in the morning when they put weight on it. I got rid of mine because of  a freak accident and I was bed ridden for 3 weeks.
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