Thighs of Stone - Please Help!!!

Hey All,

I am training for FLM and stupidly ran the Silverstone Half on Sunday at MP -35s and now my thighs are rock solid and are painful walking and especially moving downstairs.

I know I am not injured, but dos anyone know of anything I can do to clear my muscles of all of the lactic acid, etc that is causing the pain as I want to be running a 10 miler tomorrow night.

BTW, I did manage a 2 mile run last night at 1 min per mile slower than I usually run.  Not really helped this morning though.

Thanks for any advice given. 


  • Go for a good massage.  That will sort you.
  • The lactic acid will have cleared within a couple of hours of the race.

    What you have are micro-tears to the muscle fibres and you just have to wait until they heal.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    Had a massage Tuesday night, never felt so much pain (in a kind of pleasurable "don't stop even though it hurts" way).

    Managed a 4 mile run last night with only slight soreness and massaged my own legs again last night and today feeling alot better, just now feeling tired.

    Must remember next time not to run half marathon all out in the middle of marathon training.

    Thanks again

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