2nd hand shoes

If I discover that a pair of shoes I have (done about 70 miles in, according to my Fetch log) aren't doing my feet any favours, is it worth ebaying them, or shall I just use them for gardening?



  • Give them to a charity shop.
  • Give them away in my opinion as I doubt anyone will want a second hand pair (you could have worn them to death).

    Is there no charity that takes running shoes to Ethiopia or anywhere as I have some decent shoes that don't agree with me but are far too good to throw out?


  • A lot of running shops do old shoe collection to do just that WRW. image
  • eBay them, and let the buyers know the mileage and reason for sale.

    They won't be worth anything in a second hand shop, and you might as well make sure a runner gets the value out of the freshness of the sole etc.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Who would buy a worn pair of running shoes?

    Whether they're mileage-expired or retired for any other reason, I scrub mine up and use them as gardening and general knocking about shoes.

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