Garmin 405 Upload problem


Wonder if anyone can help ?

I had all the info for a weeks worth of runs and got half way through uploading onto connect when it said upload failed. I then did another run the next day which uploaded OK, but the other runs had disappeared. They are still on the watch in activities/ history, but I can't get them on to connect.

Any ideas ?

What about a manual upload? But don't know how to do this.



  • there's instructions on the garmin website for manual upload.  you need to look in applications data, garmin, pick your device, then look in history or pending uploads.  something along those lines.  if you can't find applications data on your computer, you may need to make hidden files visible.
  • Thanks I'll give that a go
  • I think I had a similar issue a while back - thought i'd lost the data but found it in my watch history.

    I dont have the watch with me to check but there is an option in the settings somewhere called 'Force upload' or very similar. Do this and when you go to your Garmin Connect account and click the manual 'UPLOAD' button all the the watches history is shown - select the one(s) that are missing and upload them - jobs a good un'

    Hope this helps. 

  • Lovely -Ta very much

    I knew the Runners World Forum would come to the rescue

  • I had the problems at the weekend with Connect.  Think they did an upgrade which got its knickers in a twist.  Thinking I'd lost my history was not fun.  I downloaded SportTracks which I'm trying out...I sort of prefer the idea of having my data on my hard drive (which I back up externally each night).
  • Fantastic - just had a problem with today's run not being uploaded to garmin Connect. Most upset, as it was an impressively hilly run. Followed the advice here, and it worked. Yippee! Thanks Griffsters. (and yes, I know this is an old thread, but the advice might help someone else)

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