FLM 2004

Dear all

I ran the FLM this year via a golden bond place, when the magazine + entry forms come out in August will I be able to enter the race via the normal route ie through the main ballot or will I have to go through the charity again.

Any ideas



  • Yep, you can go through the normal ballot
  • Nice one

    I've decided to enter for next years race, but if I don't get through the ballot I won't be to bothered as theres lot to choose from.

    Cheers for that

  • Or you could always join the URWFRC supporters and cheer the runners on as I chose to do this year.

    FLM is a fantastic day whether your running or supporting.
  • Hi all
    I had a Golden Bond Place with Victa running for blind and partially blind children they had a minimum of £750 to raise which was not quite as daunting as some of the other charities. They seemed to have quite a lot of places available n o questions asked and no hassling.I definately would run for them again even if got into the ballot.Infact a letter I received from them just today has offered me priority for 2004FLM.I have not yet forwarded any of my sponsporship either.
  • Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation again is slightly lower bond - one thousand pounds rather than the one and half to two that some of the larger charities ask for! No hassling from them either, support when needed and a good cause as more people die from this cancer than any other in UK - research desperately needed!!

    Thats my little plug over with!
    I'd LOVE to do FLM 2004 but my family need some "time out" from my serious training, so will be concentrating on half maras and 10ks for a while.......then back to FLM 2005!!!

    Dene, I agree it is always possible to get a charity place - I ended up with 6 by mid December so had to choose!!
  • I recall when applying for a place in the ballot that it asked if I had applied in previous years.My understanding is that previous ballot rejections improve the odds of you getting a place.
    This year I was rejected in the ballot but was fortunate enough to get a charity place - thanks to USDC.
    Now my question is - when applying for 2004 (and I think that I probably will) - can I say that I was rejected in the 2003 ballot even though I actually got a golden bond place.
    I'm really not sure about running for charity next year as I have taken money off all my friends and workmates this year and don't want to ask again.So I'll apply in the ballot - can I state that I was rejected in 2003?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    You have a valid "rejection" for this year, but it is only people who have been rejected 5 times who get a guaranteed place next year. I don't know if one rejection will improve your chances much, if at all. Still I'm hoping it does (3 times rejected now, sniff) as I have 2 charity events between now and then, and I want to still have some friends.

  • LittleSteph, i ran for VICTA too, not too much pressure like you say, and I would deffo do it again next year for them, hope I get a letter off them too. Im still doin the difficult bit, trying to prize the money off people!!
  • No, it doesn't matter if you were rejected before, I got in 2002 and again this year through the ballot, making three successful ballots and 4 not.
  • Belgian Choccy
    You've probably learned by now to take the money off your sponsors BEFORE the event!
    It halves the workload.
    I managed to raise £3500 for Macmillan Cancer Relief in 2002, even though I got through the ballot. I hope it stands me in good stead for next year. Their GB requirement was £1500 without Gift Aid, which was a bit steep, but then they "sold" all their places, so it's fair play.
  • I ran for cancer research although I had an entry via the ballot. I raised £410 which was hard work in a farming area of Wales; levering £1 out of some of them was a major task. One or two people I know well would not give.

    I suppose if I had a G.B. place I would have had to think of other fundrasing tactics.

    Did everyone else just ask individuals for sponsorship or did they have another means.

    I did a sweep on my finish time and did my sponsor form.

  • Like some others I ran for VICTA - generally very happy to have done so - only regret is that they don't use Justgiving internet sponsorship. Will probably run for them again though.
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