Running prams


 Anybody use em? any recommendations?



  • HI scott i did a lot reserch on them when i was looking for one, ended up with the babyjogger performance 20 wheel,big wheel makes it easy to push and it has rear suspenion which is very comfortable for child,im really pleased with mine,thers a lot of running prams out there,i spent weeks on the internet.if your in the uk thers not a lot of companys ship to the uk,theres also a lot of over priced prams,hopes this helps.

  • I have a BOB Ironman which is quite nice to run with.

    16" wheels, folds, rear suspension. Fits in the boot of my hatchback with only 1 quick release wheel removed.

  • Hello friends.I have Icoo Pushchair for my baby.I use it for both running and walking purpose.It has got some nice features which makes it easy to handle while running.It also folds to compact size making it easier to store.I suggest you to have it for your baby.
  • What sort of price are we talking?
  • BabyJogger II
  • To be honest it's surprising what you can run with perfectly reasonably.

    They were a fairly new thing when I first ran with my little 'uns about 9 years ago. We had very little spare cash, so just got a Mothercare returned 3 wheeler. It wasn't designed specifically for running, dodn't have things like suspension, brakes or quick release wheels. It was pretty heavy, and only had 12 inch wheels. However, it was perfectly fine to run with, and I quite often ran up to 10 miles found our pretty hilly country lanes. It was a bit of effort up the hills, but that was to do with the extra weight of the child mostly, rather than the design of the buggy IMO.

    I'm sure a properly designed running buggy such as babyjogger would have some advantages, but as I said, even just a bog standard three wheeler (so long as it has a fixed front wheel) is perfectly possible.

    The one thing I would say to check out is the height of the handlebar (is that the right term?). I found it really easy to push, far easier than my wife. It was too high for her. Not only did this mean that she found general pushing less comfortable, but she found it difficult to press down to lift the front wheel to turn, I found it dead easy. Some may be adjustable, but I'd definitely try one out in reality, before parting with any cash. A smaller shop may be an advantage here - our local baby shop allowed me to go out on proper runs with several of them to try them out. In fact he even wanted to lend me one over the weekend so I could check it out properly! 

  • have to say iv run with ordinary low priced various prams,and soon learned that to run safely with your child you need a good running pram,im with sean on the babyjogger,before i researched professional runners my child in one pram banged his head because of no rear supension on bumpy raod,also in another pram part of metal frame came apart on another run,i wouldnt take a chance on any pram that wasnt professionaly made for running.image
  • My Babyjogger has been great - very smooth ride for my daugther.

  • Babyjogger II got my vote.......... even with the 16" wheels it floats along very easily, and I used to love it when my little boy would shout encouragement at me as I struggled up hills............ "are you getting tired daddy? just do your best!, you can do it, etc, etc.........."
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