White Oak

Dipping my toes into tri-world...

I am thinking of doing White Oak as it is relatively local.

Is it beginner friendly?


  • YEP

    Done it a couple of times

    swim is in the 33m pool at the leisure centre.bike is a loop out towards  Darenth and back through the edge of Bexley and thn back via Deja Vu.  Run is in the park but beware the last lap //////////////////////////////

    startt times are based on your swim times but you can push in................. there is a really wide range of abilities and the run lap course pulls it all together nicely at the end.

    Mail me if you want any more info

  • Thanks...

    Ominous description of the last lap of the run...

    I think I will have to get the chequebook out, though. New bike and swimming lessons...

  • Dont they have a prize for the best novice? That suggests it is beginner friendly image

    Done it once and though it was a nice race. I did find the run hard, but then, generally at the end of a tri I always find the run hard!

  • Hmmm...

    Ultra AJH - did you do the Marshside Moonlight 32?

  • Ooh yes Ithink so, if that is in Kent!

    Did you?

  • Yeah...near Margate!

    For my sins I came fifth that day in 5:17...

    Good fun.

    I have been umming and aaring about whether to go up to 100km or do something new - and the idea of a tri won the day...

    Hence my questions!


  • Wow! I came er.........a lot later than that, but I thought it was a fabulous event and will go back next year.

    I am switching between tris and ultras at the mo....although I have only gone up to 40m, if I manage IM this year I may decide to do some longer ultras next year.

    So many events....so little time image

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