PUMA Garburn Trail 24K

I'm sure i'm not the only one who's going to run Garburn in June. Who else is up for some fabulous Lake District running? I've not done this one before, but I did do the Hawkshead race last year and *loved* it - everything from the super course to the lovely marshalls and great atmosphere made it a gem of a race. I'm hoping Garburn will be more of the same.


  • I signed up in October, or maybe it was November, but that's not important.  Can't wait!  Just did the new Sticky Toffee race in Cartmel, my first Lakeland event (and second ever trail run), and it was just incredible.  It was hard work, but it's so much fun and so beautiful that I really didn't care if I was getting an education in "country miles"!    I'll be at Hawkshead on the 18th, too.   
  • I'd love to do more of the races, but I live down south and it's just not possible for me to do more than one each year. I'm hoping to work my way through all of the races over the next few weeks. Have a lovely time at Hawkshead!
  • I take your point, although I'm down south, too!  But I don't have as many commitments as most people, which certainly makes it easier.  This reminds me that I need to book my transport to Garburn soon.  I booked a room way back, though.
  • I've never done any of these before (road running, windermere, langdale maras etc)

    I've entered 3 of them, just for the experience/ change . Any comments/tips anyone?

    I'm planning to run round but not take it too seriously, as I'm not a fell runner.  Good day out for the kids/family as well?

     any advice on going from road to trail?

  • I did my first serious mud a week ago at Cartmel (the new Sticky Toffee run) and I would definitely recommend using trail shoes for these, at least to keep your shoes on when you're running through the mud!  I had to hop around in my socks to retrieve one sucked-off road running shoe. 

    And these Lakeland Trail runs def cater for the whole family.  (Listen to me, the expert after one race!)

    Very friendly races for just running any way you see fit.  (And I want to do them allof them too, just like you.)

  • Just back from a fantastic weekend at Hawkshead - the sun shone, the race was brilliant, there were over a hundred children in the Under 8's race and everybody was walking around with a HUGE smile on their face.  Garburn will be more of the same.

    cr - bring the whole family - they will not get bored (unless it rains - which it never has at Garburn - in which case hanging around in a field for three hours or so may not be terribly appealing).  Trail shoes are a must - its nothing like as muddy as Cartmel but there are a couple of slippy bits and lots of quite rough, loose ground underfoot.  Pacing wise - expect to be the best part of two minutes per mile slower than your normal road race pace.  You'll need the extra time to watch where your feet are going and to take in the scenery. 

    If anybody feels that running at that reduced pace is going to give you problems meeting the cut-off time for the Trail Race then do the Challenge instead (you can swap free of charge if you need to).  The Challenge is run over the same course but sets off about two hours earlier and is an altogether much more relaxed affair - no pressure to keep up with the pack or worry that you're keeping marshalls out on the course for too long - you'll get the same T-shirt and feed at the end whichever event you're in.

    Oh - and before anybody gets hung up on the race distance - its not 24k.  The route was shortened last year and still reached 25k - I don't know if they'll need to run the same shortened route this year - something to do with not disturbing some nesting buzzards who had been attacking anything in the area.  The quoted race distances for all the Lakeland Trails races are estimates rather than precise measurements.  Just run the route and enjoy yourself.

  • Glad Hawkshead went well. I had *so* much fun there last year, it was brilliant!

    Still unsure what shoes to wear. I've got several different pairs of trail and fell shoes, but all drill enormous holes in my odd-shaped-heels. I may end up sacrificing an old pair of road shoes and just lacing them really tight. All depends on the weather for the next few weeks.

    Anyhoo, i'm really looking forward to it and can't wait to see the course. The pics fron last year look fab. Not long now!

  • I loved Hawkshead but it was hard work!

     I'm running the Exmoor half this Saturday ... it's supposedly preparation for Garburn, although methinks it may actually be tougher than Garburn.....  Watch this space!

  • Oooh, good luck in Exmoor. One of my mates is doing it - he goes every year as it's such fun. Hope you have a good day. I'm doing the Tewkesbury Half on Sunday... all road, but at least it'll make me get some distance into my legs. I've been far too lazy this spring... suspect i'll be doing a lot of walking (er... enjoying the view!) at Garburn!
  • hi all! just thought i'd better introduce myself as i'm going to be coming along for the views!!  image

    sounds like Garburn should be a great day out, i'm looking forward to this one and have been since i booked in october/november! i'm just back into training properly after FLM a few weeks ago and ran Grizedale earlier in the year, i'm hoping to get a reasonable time on the trial but am going to treat it as a regular long run and just soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the most beautiful scenery in england!

    My wife and 4 yr old will be allong to so i'm hoping for some good weather, else my wife may be tearing her hair out by the time i'm back!!


  • I booked back in November, too.  I'm simply a slow runner, though I always seem to do okay in the regular race category, even if I do pull up the rear!  I also can't wait.  Should be a beautiful run.
  • Hi All- I was keen on doing this race but it was full when I went to enter- I don't suppose anyone has is pulling out and has a place going spare?

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