Hild - Latin translation


Do you still want any Latin translation done??

As indicated somewhere else - can't remember where, my boss is a bit of a whiz with languages and said he would try a little translation for you.

Please email it to me and I'll see what can be done.

All the best,



  • Quo vadis, Ratticus meus amicus venerus?
  • Hi Ratbag,

    Hopefully, I'm going to get this American woman's thesis, where she does a tranlsation of Cogitis Me. So I don't think I'll need your friend's help (although if the thesis thing falls through...). Also, the edition of Cogitis Me that is currently the 'correct' one in use by academics is not available in electronic format. It's 50 pages, and the woman at the photocopying place in the library would only allow me to copy 7 pages (in accordance with copyright law). So emailing it isn't really possible.

    Anyway, I'll let you know what happens one way or another. Fingers crossed!

  • O.K. Me then ignore!
  • Sorry Snoop,

    Logged off for a while and did some work.

    Nice bit of Latin. It goes well thanks.

    Et tu Brute??
  • Nihil est.

    Tuum es Windsor videro, Septimus 29.

  • Loads of teckies here, alas I'm not one of them.
  • Whilst I admire silicone greatly, this sadly is the wrong consistency.
  • Snoop, chip or bap man?
  • Im sure you could incorporate the forum here Pixie, and thus spend legit time on it at work
    How about the effect of RW forum on the efficiency of network support systems?
    On second thoughts, that might give the game away for too many people
  • If I COULD come up with workable ideas then I wouldnt be in this job
    Who am I trying to kid
    Cant do anything else!!
  • Hildy

    Alea jecta est. As any fan of Asterix will tell you... but what the hell does it mean?
  • Evil Pixie (love your pic BTW), Management want as little to do with Systems Network Support as possible, they just want to know that it's working, preferably with minimum investment and only 2 man hours a week maintenance by the geek that nobody can ever remember the name of, and who drinks all the Coke from the machine. There, that will do won't it? It's OK, you can pay me later.
  • Laura
    On the ball as ever!
  • Isn't the Latin for computer 'hyperabacus'?
  • EP

    just remember that IBM advert when the CEO asks who is responsible to ensure all the differing systems work together.....

    I'm sure you could work on " just how much should a CEO know about a company's systems...." the more the better, the less the better are just 2 perspectives!
  • Don't mention it Evil Pixie. I love techies really, why some of my best friends work in IT. It's just that they're so, you know, different. And CEOs are rightly terrified of them - they speak in acronyms, wear cartoon character ties, cost a fortune and have the ability to bring down the universe with just a quick bash at the keyboard. I must stop IT bashing now! It's just a front, you know like throwing stones at the one you secretly fancy.

    You won't be speaking to me from now on anyway, I've just gone over to the Dark side and ordered myself a lovely new laptop with no intel inside.
  • Some of my best friends are techies but I think Ive found out the secret to technical support.

    "Turn it off and turn it back on again"

    Still Im surprised IT staff arent marathon record holders , Id swear the 10 minutes the system will be down are more like an hour....(Still gives them time to finish the coffee/coke/biscuits/forum thread)

  • "turn it off and back on again "!!

    Turns to office "Right lads they've discovered our secret, time to move on ...!"
  • Yes, the whole Latin trainslation was awaiting me in my email inbox this morning!! As it's a lovely, saucy text in the style of Jerome, I'll be sure to post a few exerpts when I find some that are worthy.
  • Hild,

    Can't wait...

    Will you publish the original and then the translation. just for revision purposes???

    No, that's really a bit sad isn't it???

  • Alea jacta est - the die is thrown.

    Or the dice is thrown if you prefer common english usage, and why not?

    More Latin please, I'm starting to feel closer to my own time.
  • Thanks Mate.
    How's Hector?
  • Dead, of course, I killed him, didn't I?

    Ouch, that heel of mine giving me gyp again.
  • RB, as it's someone else's work, I'll only post the very choicest of quotations. When I get around to reading it!!! Really, it could be months, so don't sit on the edge of your chair for too long...
  • RB won't let it die Hildy. memory of an elephant that man.
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