Tri club in/near Chelmsford, Essex?

Moving to Chelmsford soon.

Does anyone know of a tri club in the area?  Closest I can find is born2tri in Braintree.

 Many thanks.


  • There is also Dunmow Tri Club (not sure of their correct name), can't think of any others that are closer.

  • Tri-Sport Epping (despite the name, more Ongar based).....

     Are you moving far?

  • moving from crawley area to chelmsford, so not too far.
  • Would you believe there still isn't one?  I'm a member of East Essex Tri, although I live in Springfield.

    "City of Chelmsford Tri" needs creating, I feel. 

  • I am moving back to Ingatestone, so EET would also be the closest I assume?

    I was hoping for something in Brentwood or Chelmsford!

  • Hello! Im bassed in chelmsford and looking to start tri training....I cycle and run reguarly and looking for people to train with as i always seem to train on my todd! 

    If anyones in the same boat, let me know!


    Many thanks!  

  • Born 2 Tri - Braintree or Dunmow Tri - Dunmow

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