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I know this is a bit late notice & frowned upon but my cousin had pulled out from this weekend`s Half.  Money is a bit too tight at the moment for him to lose out so does anyone want it?

Unsure of the number but been told it`s a green label (1.55 / 2.10 pit - Start time 10.05am...clocks move forward thou).

I`m still waiting for the number to arrive here (he said he would post it to me on Saturday) - hopefully it will arrive in tomorrow`s post. I can post out or meet there on the day..

Offered else where too.

Mail me.

(sorry if upsets - honest request)

I`m still running image


  • Hi.

     Thanks. I'll take it. No problem meeting you there.  I can give you my mobile, either on here or via          e-mail so we can then arrange a time and place. When you do get it in the post, can you just let me know if you get it tomorrow.


  • Hello Richard,

    That`s good news - Can you mail me via here so we can arrange. I`m home at 5.30pm tonight.

    I`l rather sort before Sunday if we can but I am getting there early on Sunday if not. 

  • Hi

     I've set an e-mail regarding the place. If you have not got it, let me know here.


  • Hi.

    Sorry, missed you e-mail yesterday. Have responded.

  • Hello Richard,

    I`ve replied - no problems, we will get it sorted image

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