Royal Parks Half Marathon

Royal parks half marathon 11th October. Anyone had any joy getting onto the website to enter this today?

 Seems to be down since before registration started. Grrrrrrr  image



  • nope, can't get in either
  • Cool, at least it's not just me then image 

     I got as far as getting my details in then it crashed again!!

  • I've managed to enter, but it took a long time. Other people in my office have been trying this morning but no-one else has had any luck. I've seen on other threads and other people are starting to get through.

    Good Luck! 

  • Yeah, me too - Just managed again (I hope) ten minutes ago and my payment was taken -

    It crashed three times after I got to the "submit" page but  just went back and retried it again and again.

  • I still can't get past "Proceed to payment gateway"
  • yup still stuck at the payment gateway but seeing as you got there Marco and creature i'll keep trying!
  • A couple more in my office have managed to sign up eventually - but they were both crashing at various stages this morning.

    Keep on trying!

  • What a shambles really. 

    Been trying all morning to get in - either website down, or got to home page a couple of times and could get no further.  It's not like it was a surprise that people would be wanting to enter at 9am to make sure of a place, especially as they had encouraged us all to register for notification of the opening of entries. 

     Makes you wonder how they prepared to launch this year's event. Let's face it, it hasn't exactly got off to a flying start!

  • If you get to the 'proceed to payment gateway' screen, it will crash. I kept pressing the back arrow and trying again. BUT then i tried f5 'refresh' instead and i was straight in.

    Just off to check if i have a e-mail of confirmation..................

  • Still stuck clicking proceed to payment gateway - not sure I can be bothered to try again!
  • Well what a right royal cock-up this has proved thus far. Got my notification yesterday that places for the Royal Parks Half were going on sale today. So I duly went onto the website today, well that’s wrong I tried, without any success as it had crashed because of the volume of entries. Now seeing as I and possibly countless others had registered in advance you would imagine they had some idea of the number of people who might apply and therefore have the infrastructure in place to deal with that given volume, especially given the amount of publicity its had.

    How wrong I was. So will they be applying the same level of crashing ineptitude to the organisation of the race (taking a leaf out of Bath and Bristol’s book maybe?), and only thinking that a few hundred out of the many thousand with places turn up on the day. I'm beginning to realise that smaller races are the way forward as it seems that anything large and publicised to death is bound to be a fiasco.
  • Well you may be right Jason but it did get rave reviews last year. And i have managed to register so i am staying cheerfully optimistic!

    Only took me 4 and a half hours. with a short break for lunch...................

  • Me too - stuck on payment gateway AGAIN - so bored....

  • and longboat, don't press the back button, do f5. worked for me...........
  • I did the race last year and apart from a couple of minor issues (like not enough toilets at the start) it was very well organised - so I would assume the same would apply this year (for the race that is). The entry process was much easier last year as fewer people knew about it - though it still sold out v quickly. I agree they should of anticipated the numbers of people trying to sign up this morning - it was always going to be a popular race given there a very few HM in London.

    I would have thought they would use a different entry system next year. Does anyone know how they do places for the Great North Run?

  • How annoying. Really wanted to do this race but getting fed up with trying to register for it!! image
  • Been trying all day, but although can get my details in, nothing happens when I click on the proceed to payment gateway screen - doesn't crash, just doesn't go anywhere.  Really annoyed, especially as other people are obviously getting in, so who knows if there'll be any tickets left by the time it works.  Did it last year and it was fab, so really want to do it again.
  • I haven't been able to register either and frankly I'm about to give up - I ran it last year and thought the lack of toilets was a disgrace - and if this is an indication that they still can't accurately predict demand then I don't have much confidence in their organisation this year either.

    Really, really poor.  

  • Same here - I've managed to enter my details but it never seems to proceed to the payment screen. How frustrating!
  • Can anyone tell me how much it is to register for the race in the first place?  I can't even get to the home page to find out that simple bit of information.

  • It's £39 - quite pricey, but you do get a very nice t-shirt for that (assuming it's the same sort as last year).
  • It's a bit of a joke, I got as far as confirming payment, gives me a  link to a payment 'gateway' but the button simply does not do anything, I don't think this is related to server load it just doesn't work, have tried to contact them to explain but they say keep trying. Hopeless... shame it was a great race last year.

  • Is it worth continuously clicking on the payment portal button? (those that have registered) my workmates are getting upset about the clicking noise.

  • Well that's half my day wasted then. Well done Royal Parks. Like someone else said, they must've had an idea of the potential traffic from the size of their mailing list.

    I've now progressed from not being able to get through at all, to a window popping up asking for a username and password to log in to a "View Creative" area. I have no idea what it's talking about.

    Why can't they email their mailing list to give more information as to whether we're all completely wasting our time trying to register?

    Infuriated and very, very unimpressed.

    I'd love to do the race but I've got far better ways to completely waste my time than trying to enter this.
  • Yep, I've progressed to the view creative problem as well.  Ho hum.
  • Can I join in this waste of time please??  I've been trying to register since 9.30...  Haven't managed to get past the hme page - couldnt even get that far most of the morning!


  • Yep I get the login too, there are some obvious problems with the site yet they tell us to just keep trying......
  • This is beyond a joke now!! How stupid!! 
  • have spoken to them and they said to just ignore the login as its an error.. they also said to try again in about an hour - hmmm am sure thats what they said 3-4 hours ago...image
  • Oh try this, head butting the wall behind me is more fun. and less painful, I think I might have as good a chance of registering this way too.

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