The Apprentice.

Tis that time of year, clueless numpties with egos the size of nations prove they are actually incapable of the most basic of tasks

love it love it love it

bring on the beers and get ready to settle in front of the tele later



  • Yay! I'm looking forward to it!image
  • i've saved some space on the sofa moomoo, beer?
  • can't wait to spot the upper class, public school educated twit who thinks s/he's the dogs b*llox -

    but shouldn't be allowed to cross the road on their own image

    and any ex-army officers this time?

  • <squeezes between Ginge and Moomoo>

    Pringle anyone?

  • ooh beer, pringles and a lovely man image  what more could we ask for image
  • *sees the sofa is a bit crowded so pulls up a beanbag*
  • you have to be quick round here Kazz, but there's beer going image
  • thought that would ease the pain image
  • I'm very excited - got sky+ sorted just in case I'm late back from my run?
  • image

    we'll try and save you some beers, but can't promise

  • I'll bring my own and a hip flask of vodka-  shall I pick up a pizza on my way back? toppings?
  • oooh rude not to

    no mushrooms or peperoni on mine please

  • Weird! that's my two favourites! image I'll get a selection...
  • Right! got the dispatch bag ready and my dominos cap - off for a run now - catch you later!!
  • have a good run SP
  • Yipppeeee.....its not the reason I am off sick tonight, honest ,just pure coincidence
  • Yep - I'm in too.  Sir Alan was on the One Show tonight and said they are the best bunch ever coz Nick and Margaret know how to pick em now.

    Let the back stabbing beginimage

  • I'm back!!!
  • woo hoo tis getting quite busy in here

    pizza and beer all round then image

  • Yep! dig in! Are those your legs?
  • Ooh quick - rushes to get washing out of machine,sorts tumble drying, rest all on the radiators -tops up wine glass.

    Waits for theme tune...................

  • <Hurtles thru the door >

    Is it on yet ?????
  • they are indeed
  • not yet, not yet image' />
  • image' />

  • rough tough cream puff ??? what the f*ck??
  • *rushes in and leaps into a gap on the sofa*

    evening all image' />

  • what a loathesome bunch

    excellent image' />

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