Gordon Welbourne Running GP

The Gordon Welbourne Week is a 5 race series over 5 days from June 9 to June 14 and takes place in and around the Newark (Nottinghamshire) area.
Races are 3 or 4 miles each approx with a 10k to end the series on the Friday.
Anyone interested or want to know more?


  • We'ew aiming at doing the 10k.
  • That should have been "We're".

    Are you the race sec? I've been told the organiser has changed from the name given in the race diary. Can you send me some entry forms (4) if you are.
  • Hi Mr Skidpan
    Im not the race secretary just a runner who has enjoyed the GW for the past 5 years.
    The name and adress on the forms and in the running magazines are still the same this year.
    Hope you can make the 10k.
  • Mark - thanks for that. We have contacted Mr Bagguley (name in the mags and the race diary) and were told that he isn't the contact for this year. Where did you get your forms from?

    What is the route of the 10k?
  • Oh-Will make enquiries to find out who is this years contact. Will get back to you soon although forms will be available at local races e.g. holmepierpont 21st May and Saxilby 6 26th May. If you enter on the day I dont think there is an xtra levy for doing so.
    The route of the 10k is almost identical to the Notfast 10k. 1 lap of the field, turn left on to the road, left at the large roundabout,past the sugar beat factory, left at mini roundabout, thru Little Carlton, turn left to Kelham, left at Kelham, back to rugby club, small loop to finish.
  • OK. Thanks very much.
  • will e-mail info to you
  • Thanks.
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