Salford 10K

My 3rd time for this one, anyone else in?


  • Yup, I'm in for the first time.  How many laps is it?  Any tips? Ta
  • GB1GB1 ✭✭
    2 laps, flat as the proverbial pancake, go for it!
  • Don't expect a scenic run!!!!!!!!!
  • Not scenic? What  can be more beautiful and serene as the streets of my beloved sunny Salford?image
  • Hi, can anyone help?

     This is my first 10k and I have paid for my entry via UK results approximatley three weeks ago. I have not recieved anything through the post and was wondering if this is normal?

     Do I just turn up and register providing a reciept from my paypal?

     I have entered races in the past and usualy have received numbers through the post.


  • Yes just turn up and collect your number on the day. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the peace of mind. Good luck to you too.
  • Good luck for tomorrow people image

    Just hoping the weather stays nice.

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