Hickathrift Summer 10k

I'm seriously thinking about entering this one. Is anyone else?


  • You won't regret entering this race. Check it out at www.hickathrift10k.co.uk
  • Is anyone going from around Cambridge/ Bar Hill. If so, I'd like a lift if poss.
  • Im gonna be there, dont think too many others will be as my number is 39 so it could do with more support!! I'll be the on at the back!!!!!
  • Hi Matt, see you at the back!!! I'll enter on the day as it's too late for postal entries.
  • Thanks for your support lads. Things have moved on as far as entries go. The entries have been coming in nicely, this past couple of weeks.
  • Barry, are there still entries available on the day? Don't want to waste a journey.
  • Barry, another request for info. re. 'on the day' entries: I will be passing (sort of) on Saturday on the way from Leeds to Ipswich, so I might stop for a run if there will be no problem entering on the day.
  • Yes, we will be taking entries on the day. All comers are welcome. If you need a location map, go to www.hickathrift10k.co.uk
  • Thanks for the reply Barry. See you there
  • good race. after having a waterstation after 2.5 an 5k I missed the one at 7.5K??
    apart from that I'll do it again next year.
  • Thanks for your kind words and thanks to everyone wo turned up to make it a great success. Put it in your diary for next

  • Green ManGreen Man ✭✭✭
    Barry - congratulations on a well organised and enjoyable race. Much better than having to face the shops on a Saturday afternoon. What a refreshing change not to be dodging in and out of traffic!! I hope you've managed to raise as much as you hoped. I'll be back next year.
  • We raised £400 for charity, thanks to all.
  • I'm glad it went so well. I'm sorry I couldn't be there.
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