big plate of chips.................

............two days before Reading half marathon.

good or bad?



  • good

    my food of choice before a big run is often fish and chips - carbs and protein.

  • Agree with you FB...still the best take-away available...providing the chippy is good at his jobimageimage
  • Only if partnered with a beer or a glass of red.
  • good!
  • What a great thread!

    I thought I had some kind of dodgy digestion system (as well as being a fat b*****d) because i've noticed I always run stronger/faster if I have fish and chips the day before. It works better than pasta or any other kind of carbo loading i've tried.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭


    Nothing wrong with a good plate of chips. I'm told those strange peeps oop north put gravy on their chips. Now that is bad.

  • Good.

    You're allowed salt too - as it's a long run.

    I run best on steak, a big pile of mash and veg - pasta doesn't do it for me either.

  • Always has to be eaten with peas and gravy and washed down a can of dandilion and burdoch.  Barm cakes are optional and depends on the ratio of the size of your eyes in comparison to your belly.

    Then wine/beer shortly after.

    Then a good run at Reading is a cert.

  • great choice! had a drunken eating contest with a mate involving lots of chips and KFC, 2 days before a hilly 10k- did a PB!image
  • I had a 5k PB shortly after finishing a huge Sunday roast with a whole bottle of wine.


  • I'm running Reading on Sunday as well. Was thinking about pasta on Saturday, but after reading this thread - f**k it! A bit plate of fish and chips for me as well!
  • Good I think, but sounds counter-intuitive

  • does it not feel heavey in your belly? and oily? do you have something in the morning? im doing reading debating between wholewheat pasta and white pasta, dads owns a chip shop but never eat it as it seems so fatty! tho it is great chippy! i always opt for gilled (he does for me) and salad!
  • nope, i think fish n chips is a FAB pre marathon meal

    Good fish and chips ISNT oily at all-it should not be

    i dont do pasta either

    but NOT D and B


  • Chips are my favourite re-fuelling food combined with salad and ham. Delish!!!
  • its just the idea of deep fried
  • You had better ask wanna do, seems like it's only ok to eat what he eats!!!!
  • which is nothing! by the looks! he better not meant chips!
  • Yeah, take nutritional advice from a self-loathing anorexic alcoholic. Very sensible.

    Right, I'm going to see if I can finish off this McVities ginger cake...
  • I think chips are great but I would add several pieces of bread and butter to make chip butties withimage
  • Fridays I do my long run.  Saturdays I lead two group runs.  Friday night is fish and chip night for me image (though I do remove most of the batter from the fish).
  • Candy, have you burst yet?

    Sho, the batter is the best bit!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    When I was a kid, on the way home from school I used to stop by the chippie for what we called "screeds" - the little bits of batter that fell off the fish and were collected in the tray below. Cost 1d, as I recall. Yes, that's one old penny. Slathered in salt and vinegar, they were too. Yum. Eaten from newspaper. Illegal nowadays, as most small pleasures are.
  • we called those scraps Muttley


    happy memories

  • And chips came in REAL newspaper

    thats not allowed now either

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Indeed. If we were really lucky, it would be in The Sun and page 3!
  • Blimey Guys, i have those memories from the fish and chip too.    We use to go to Wollies at weekends and buy bags of broken chocolate.  What treats! image
  • Hippo - 9:18. Close enough to my arbitrary target of sub-9 for me to count it as a win! It was somewhat tougher than I was expecting... Spartathlon qualifying time 10:30; woo hoo.
  • YO candy!

    Excellent time

    Hope you are getting those beers in now

  • chips are great with either mayo, gravy or curry sauce

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