Running in the cold rain

Is miserable......

 9 miles this lunchtime in the driving rain (more like sleet as had some hail mixed in for good measure). Completed in just under an hour on a mixed gradient course.

My legs below my shorts were stinging by the end and my hands were frozen. Felt like I was running against some powerful force so it did drive me forward with a certain grit and determination (although as I was running I had a sense that the accompanying wind was driving me backwards and slowing me down!).

Anyway, how do the rest of you feel about running in the rain and wind?


  • I prefer not to go out in it if its like that, but if it is and its the only time i have for the run then i go. If it starts while I am out then i have no choice and just do it.
  • Sadly it started while I was out (and it was the only time I could fit a run in today).

    I know what you mean though.image

  • prefer to run in the rain,as long as a nice shower is available after

    its the wind i dislike

  • Yeah, don't like it too much - The rain isn't so bad but hate strong winds. But have never missed a run due to the weather, just get out there, and it's a really good feeling once you get back.
  • i agree with julie i really enjoy it when i get back ,i am so used to my better half saying i,m a nutter
  • I hate starting out in rain, I often wimp out to be honest and reschedule it to the next day as long as I can still fit in all the runs I planned to do that week. If it starts raining while I'm already going and warmed up however I don't mind it, sometimes it's even enjoyable, as it cools me down.

    Strong winds are just annoying no matter what though.

  • I'm with you sheddy — rain not a problem, but I can't bear running when it's windy!
  • i run because of the rain! it is a glorious thing saying that though 30minuets in the elements isn't that bad!
  • I don't mind running in the rain - the thing is though, that water makes my shoes stink!
  • Did an hour in the lake district this morning in cold hail and wet and wind and stuff. Normally, I love the cold wet running weather but the hail stung and I was covering my face with my glove, soft Southern Jesse that I am.

    Got back to my hotel and looked down to find my shirt all bloodsoaked. Looked around for the local werewolf (as we were staying at tthe Slaughtered Lamb I think) but no wolf.

    Turns out it was my first bloodshed from joggers nipple and by heck it hurts in the shower after, as does the Sudocreme later. 

    But what a place to run! Well lumpy and some great interval work and clean fresh air.

    And a full cookie brekky after, on the company. Life doesn't get much better and it wasn't even 9am yet.

    Back in the smoke now, just in time to get to the quack for my replacement inhaler prescription!

    Think I'd like to run round Ullswater lake. Anyone done it? 

  • I dont relish running in the wind and rain but I see it as a challenge in endurance.Its always on my mind that race day may be a nightmare weather wise so might as well run in all weathers.
  • I quite like the bad-weather runs as they give a real sense of accomplishment. Wouldn't want to do one every day though.

    My favorite from last year was a run up on Cleeve Hill in the driving sleet in a thunderstorm. Brilliant run just for the atmosphere.

    To be honest I dread hot and humid weather far more than the cold.

  • Cold, wet, (soaked early) windy and with some hail stones thrown in.

    The days I wish I'd taken up badminton as a sport.

    I don't dislike badminton, its just the first indoor sport that came into my head !!

  • I like to run when there is a light drizzle as it helps to cool me down a bit. Not to much rain though as it causes my glasses to steam up!image
  • I ran in the gym last night because wasn't feeling up to the weather... Regretted it though, after just 3K I was too hot, bored senseless and my ankles hurt. Back outdoors today, come wind or rain!!!
  • Im not a fan of running machines at all. Dull,boring,dull,monotonous,dull
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE running in the rain.   I did an 11 mile run in February in the most amazing mix of weather conditions - it started off foggy and bitterly cold, then it hailed, then it rained, then it snowed and it was tremendously windy throughout but it was fantastic.  I had a 'Singing in the Rain' moment and couldn't stop grinning as the weather did it's best to stop me in my tracks but I put my head down and beat the buggar!  Smug of Sudbury.
  • Rain, wind, hail, sleet, snow!!! Bring it on!! Don't suffer from cold legs as long as I keep moving, but do wear gloves in cold weather. Painfully cold  fingers distract me from concentrating on my run!! 
  • I hear that.
  • wind and rain can make the going feel miserable. Still no need to stop for a wee when your soaking wet anyway.
  • Sometimes I like it actually. I like the feeling and teh sound of it. Plus all the dogs are normally at home!

    It's nice when your proper soaked through. I feel it gives me soemthing to take my mind of the running so don't feel the burn as much.

    Cold rain though! different story. if it's windy and it's stinging cold it's a nightmare! not for me.

    Worst thing about rain is the slipperyness underfoot, I don't trust my trainers whatsover in the rain when running with a bit of tempo. Would have thought they would have had better grip than they do.
  • Have had about 4 pairs of Asics 2120, 2110 etc. Must have been lucky as I have never had a problem, just wear them with Thorlos socks and never had a blister, even when running the GNR.
  • I really should invest in some socks. I ran in normal next cotton socks oday, and a few miles further and my left foot would have been painful right now.
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