Men in tights

Now then, you'll have to bear with me on this one and not laugh. The boyfriend is thinking about purchasing a pair of men's running 'tights' (you know, the clingy lycra jobbies). The question is though.... surely you have to wear something under them?!

Worn alone, they seem a little too 'graphic'. image

Help me out chaps! Is this right?!



  •  I wont wear tights even in the coldest of weather .... shorts are for running ...

  • If you've got it flaunt it has always been my mottoimage
  • The age old dilemma for us men!!!

    I used to be of the same opinion however that cold snap in January made me venture to buy some tights (Tight been the word) and I now struggle to go running without them.  Having said that I will only wear them in the dark now so they aren't so' graphic'.  I wore them once in the daylight running down the canal and people can't help looking - I know now how women feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My OH wears shorts over his.
  • they are fine but yes gotta wear something underneath. As I run in the morning i wear the previous days undies under mine then throw em in wash at end of runimage

    tights in themselves- if they are good enough for Robin Hood...

  • much to camp, its good to be a bit camp occasionally, but like everything in life striking a balance is usually the best option..... running tights are a bit to much, they are only marginally less gay than a pair of assless chaps.

  • try before you buy!

    personly i would cringe if my OH wore running tights so stick to the shorts!

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Nothing wrong with men in tighrs. Most of the men I run with wear tights, though I must admit they do go for the slightly baggy look. Still living so close to Brighton...
  • men who wear tights with shorts on top look more rediculous thatn just tights. i think those men are simply embarressed about having little willies!
  • As a hard Northern bastard I never wear anything under or over my tights... if fact sometimes I don't even bother with the tights...
  • *drags over sofa and pringles*
  • You not going for the nuts then Loon? image
  • ...mind you, I do have to send the 'search and rescue' team down my undies after a cold run!
  • well, I shall make my decision in a while, see what is on offer first image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Lycra tights are for big girly jessies. Real men wear Ron Hill tracksters.

    And anyway, tight tights make you look like Max Wall.

  • The women I run with don't complain!
  • Skin-tight-lycra-wearing-big-girly-jessie-n-proud. I will not be denied my equal clothing rights, it is my right to wear lycra in public and be proud of my alternative dress. We should be accepting of those with different athletic clothing choices, after all the choice and desire to wear lycra in public as a male has nothing morally reprehensible about it, unlike like smooth peanut butter eaters. Nothing under them, nothing over the top.

    Say it once, say it loud, I'm in lycra and proud!!

  • I like a man in running tights image  Whenever else do we women get to see men in tight clothing? It ain't happening in nightclubs, 'cept in Brighton...
  • image Ahem....furthermore, it's practical, aerodynamic, non-chafing etc...
  • I wear running tights and I care not a jot.Underneath them I wear a pair of  sprinting shorts.

    Love life....Love Lycraimage

  • Me too. Lycra and  genitals were made for each other. image
  • I wear a pair of Nike Pro Lycra shorts under my Nike Tights.

    I'm old enough (37) not to care what people think of me when i'm running; but I'm always tempted to stuff my gloves down my tights if it looks like i'll be passing a group of ladies image
    Every little helps.
  • Just tell your bf to spray on his tights and get out there! Shorts over or under just makes you look as if your are ashamed of your body.

    If either of you have time to care what you look like you aren't trying hard enough image

  • I agree. If it's very cold, long tights, if it's warm, lycra shorts - never with anything on top of or underneath them. Fortunately I was blessed with unusually small tackle, so it's never caused an obvious issue.
  • I'm 2 years older than Stringy and share the same view.  I only wear them through December to mid Feb but wear nothing over or under.

    I'm running and they're functional.  If I had some deep doubts about my sexuality I might shout out on here (just a little too loudly) about their being 'gay' and wear something else.  I don't though.

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭
    jason X wrote (see)

    much to camp, its good to be a bit camp occasionally, but like everything in life striking a balance is usually the best option..... running tights are a bit to much, they are only marginally less gay than a pair of assless chaps.


    Guess that rules out my normal running gear. I was getting a bit cold anyway, running in those those assless chaps.

  • Lordy! Some great comments on here, thanks!!

    I don't think I care what I look like running, but I do need to be able to run without sniggering at the OH.... Mind you, he says nothing about my beloved pink lycra get-up so maybe I'd better just keep my gob shut.

    I might buy him a pair of assless chaps though, now that WOULD be amusing!!! image image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Erm, I've had a sheltered upbringing so pardon my ignorance but what are "assless chaps"?

    Or do I not want to know?

  • They're either blokes that have had their bums cut off or the leather over trousers that cowboys wore out on the range, they were popularised amongst the gay community by "The Cowboy" in The Village People.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Ah, I see. Thanks GP!
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