New Balance 831 - little review

There are probably quite a few out there who loved the Asics DS Trainer VII and, with the passing of the VII and the advent of the VII, had wondered where the "go-fast" feeling of the most wonderful performance trainer had gone.

I think I found it and I think it was stolen by New Balance for their 831 shoe. I've been looking for a new shoe to replace the DST VII (the VIII wasn't it as many will probably agree). Couldn't source anything in a performance trainer category in New Balance (830) or Mizuno (Precision) satisfactorily so cheekily spent a little bit more than what would be retail in UK in importing the 831 from US (online - as a sideline, orders the same day with, and - arrived (or didn't yet in the case of ontherun) in that order...).

So, the shoe's snug (beware), but comes in three widths which is a great plus and thus fits the foot really well. It is the only shoe other than the VII that, when tried and just walked around in, made me think that it could be really fun to run in.

And it is. For something shopped as a neutral shoe, "en route" it acts as though it will in fact support a little pronation (but not a whole bunch), but it is the feel of the ride that is just wonderful - it has that "I think I'm flying" feel to it that I have only ever felt with the DST VII before. The heel is well, but not over-, constructed and the forefoot has excellent cushioning while maintaining sufficient feel for the ground. Heel to toe transition is smooth. Just a pleasure to run in.

Weighs in on the scales in the kitchen at (men's size 9, width D) almost exactly 300gms.

Cannot recommend soon as they get to the UK...


  • oops - should be "advent of the VIII" ... all these bloody roman numerals...and changes of trainer styles...
  • Nice review Shufflebuster.

    I've got some NB 830s, which I've only worn on the treadmill so far but are very comfortable and responsive - I'm very impressed and looking forward to racing in them. Do you know what they've changed between the 830 and 831?

  • I've had a look at the reveiws on and (I hadn't ever worn 830's so couldn't tell myself - can only compare against other things my feet have endured/enjoyed) and it seems that their testers thought that there had been significant improvements - greater forefoot flexibility, better cushioned forefoot. Possibly slightly more "protective"....
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