garmin 205 forerunner watch

hi everyone,

i just got myself a garmin forerunner 205,

but when i am out running and i look at my time on the watch,

the page keeps on switching from showing my time,

to distance   then  to pace.   and again and again it keeps on switching.  is this normal,      

as i  find this difficuit to look at my time , when i am running fast pace,

look forward to your feedback



  • Thats not normal

    Check your manual out and adjust your settings

  • Hi, I've got the 305 and it has this automatic screen scrolling feature but it can be turned off. If you have the instructions you should be able to find out how. If not try the Garmin website where you ought to be able to veiw the instructions for your model.

  • To change select Settings > General > Display

    You will then have a screen showing Backlight Timeout , Contrast and Auto Scroll Timer Pages.
    Move down to Auto Scroll press ENTER and change it to off.

  • thank you all for your help
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