Am I ill or did I overdo it?

Yesterday I did a 10k and got a pb (53 mins) which I am overjoyed about, I have been running for a few years now on and off but since the beginning of the year have started upping my mileage gradually building towards my first half at the end of April, I did this 10k just as an interim race as I haven't done a race since last year.

I have been runnng 30-40 miles per week with no issues, my long run being 10-13 miles now and 2 or 4 other runs of 5-8 miles (easy recoveries/tempo or steady runs, occasional intervals), no problems.

However, this race yesterday has really taken it out of me, either that or I have come down with something, sat night I felt a bit 'off it' but was fine yesterday morning and ran a good strong race. Afterwards I was tired and weary but not exhausted but as the day wore on I felt more and more sickly and downright lousy.

Today I have got up and feel totally crap, I didn't sleep well again feeling sickly, I have a massive headache and feel 'fluey', I have no appetite and I'm not sure whether I am just ill or whether perhaps I did push myself too hard in the race (as all my family seem to think!)

I run 10k in around 58 mins in training and never feel like this so I am thinking it is just coincidence and I am ill. I wanted to go for an easy run today but really can't face it because of how I feel.

What concerns me is if it is the race that's caused this, what on earth am I going to be like after the half? I have never felt like this after a race before (but I have never run a 10k that fast before) 


  • Hows your heart rate today compared to a "normal" day?

    Not only can it show if you are ill, you can also see if you have over trained / over exerted yourself.

    Lots of bugs flying around ATM, plus it was pretty cold yesterday, so you could have been a bit run down and picked something up, either that or your body is telling you you have overdone it, and it needs a bit of a rest.

  • Its up a bit actually, nomally my RHR is around 49bpm and it was definitely over 60 first thing this morning
  • I am no doctor, far from it, but that might point to an illness, might be an idea to cut back on the training till you feel better.

     Have a read of this >

  • you're not dehydrated are you? 
  • We have a Sicky bug sweeping through Cambridgeshire???

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