FLM photos

According to the FLM magazine that just popped through my letter box if I have a place that is NOT through the official ballot or a charity then I have to register my email address to get photos.I got my place through my runniing club. The mag says go to www.london-marathon.co.uk  to do this. I have gone to the website and have found a bit on official photos from the "runner support" link but nothing about checking they have your email address

Can anyone out there help please? Having come this far I would hate to have no record of the day!!!!


  • They just take pics of everyone anyway. When the pics are up - just search for your number. I think they only want the email so that they can sell it on, and mail you when the pics are up.

  • You can also give them your email after you get your chip at the expo, there were terminals there then to tap it in to.
  • Thanks guys, I knew someone would sort me out! At present I am worrying more about the logistics of getting there and getting home again than I am about running!!!!
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