New 10K World Record

Micah Kogo, a Beijing bronze medalist at 10,000m, ran a 27:01 at the Parelloop 10-K in the Netherlands yesterday.  The previous best was Haile Gebrselassie's 27:02, run in 2002.

With Gebreslassie running in the Great Manchester 10K in May I wonder if we'll see him regain the world record, it would be amazing to witness it.


  • Woah mummy, that's only a little slower than my 5k PB image. Rather puts it into perspective.  Hope Mr G has something to pull out of the bag in Manchester....
  • Wait until a fully fit Bekele makes a serious attempt at it-first ever sub-27 on the roads ?
  • phew phew -some training to do before record is mine
  • Thanks for the info Xan. Sub 27 mins on the roads is now a certainty.
  • Yeah absoultly when Bekele decides to do a road race ! more intresting will be when he attemps a half marathon a sub 58 30 me thinks !

    Then of course is the possibilty of a marathon for him , they say no one will go sub 2hours in this lifetime but hey if anyone could it would be him!

  • JH 1JH 1 ✭✭✭
    Sub 2 will never ever happen. Even sub 2.02 I can't see happening.
  • Grand, that's my 5K best. Nice to know I'm twice as slow as the world's best image
  • Kogo breaks World 10Km record in Brunssum

    Micah Kogo of Kenya broke the World record* in the 10Km at the 21st Parelloop 10k in Brunssum, Holland, today.

    The 22-year-old clocked 27:01, eclipsing the previous mark set by Haile Gebrselassie in Doha, Qatar, in 2002. Kogo also ran his previous personal best of 27:07, until today the third fastest performance ever, on the same course in Brunsson.

    "After running 27:07 in 2007 I always had it in my mind to come back and try for the world record on this course," said Kogo, the reigning Olympic bronze medallist in the 10,000m.

    Kogo and training partner Abraham Chebii pushed the pace from the outset. Running together, the pair passed the first five kilometres in 13:28, at which point Kogo began to open a gap. He covered the final kilometre in 2:39, according to his manager, Ricky Simms of Pace Sports Management.

    "My biggest fear prior to the race was the cold weather but I was very familiar with the course and was able to come through today," Kogo said. "I got inspiration watching my training partners Moses Kipsiro, Linet Masai and Titus Mbishei winning silver medals in the World Cross Country yesterday."

    "The race organiser Paul Orbons has always treated me well here and I hope to come back next year to try for sub 27 minutes."

    Illustrating Kogo's powerful performance, Chebii finished a distant second, clocking 27:47.

    Bob Ramsak for the IAAF

    * Pending the usual ratification procedures

    From the IAAF site

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