Should I run London?

Im supposed to be running the London Marathon this year, its my first marathon (im 40 years old) All was going to plan, I started training in November last year, and was  doing runs upto 15 miles in Feb, then I got injured. I strained my abductor muscle, and its meant that at a critical time in my training ive been laid up. I havent been able to do anything for nearly 4 weeks, but Im going for my first run back tomorrow. Should that go ok, should i contenplate still running the marathon, or is the missed training wrecked my chances? thoughts please.....Thanks Steve


  • How much had you done before?
  • I was upto around 35 miles a week, with 1 long run of 15m
  • I am no expert.....running London as my first and my training is not exactly a recommended way of doing it (from nothing to 7 -- 13 -- 12 --- 20)

    I suspect it depends on your base fitness and what you want to achieve from it

    They say that if you can run 16, you can get round

    If you are out to run it, with a time target, then you probably need to forget it.  If you want to go out there to get round and enjoy the occassion, then you could think about run/walking it, taking your time and enjoying the party.  Certainly I wouldnt leap straight in from being injured to doing a 20miler to catch up with a training plan.  If you are on a ballot place, you can always defer and train for next year.  If you are on a charity place, I am not sure if you can defer

    Sure someone better qualified and experienced will be along to answer soon

  • You should still be able to get round but as Barking says, probably best to forget any time you had in mind and  just enjoy it - there will be lots of others in the same boat.

    With reference to deferring - you can if you have your own place but not if you have a charity place.

    Good luck!


  • Hey Steve, I won my London place through my running club and found out the week after that I had breast cancer. Following an operation and recovery I began chemotherapy and have never stopped running. London falls in the middle of my 6 chemo sessions but I am determined that I will still run. I may be slower and my training may not have been what it should be but I will be there on the day probably plodding round and enjoying the crowds.

    Go for it, you only live once and who knows whats round the corner.


  • Wow, well done Mrs Jock - you go for it!
  • Thanks, I am a true believer that anything is possible if you want it enough.
  • That's a fantastic attitude to have - and it certainly helps when you're a runner  image
  •  GOOD FORYOU! I went through the same treetment 12yrs ago &had to get back running staight away.I have done many flm marathons and can tell you there is nothing so satisfying, get the tissues ready.&enjoy.
  • Wowzers, you're an inspiration Mrs Jock! That is fantastic, I hope you have a wonderful day - I'm sure you will.
  • Thanks very much for all the advice, what an inspiring story Mrs Jock, made me feel slightly embarrased that I asked the question after reading what you go through...Ive got to go for it, Thanks for the kick up the arse!

    All the best to all for the big day.

  • Wow thats very inspirational Mrs Jock! I have been suffering myself with injury and subsequently have missed a lot of training but your story really puts it into perspective. Enjoy the day! image
  • i'm nursing a persistent groin strain, that flared up again, last weekend.

    Screw the injury , i had to defer my entry last year

    - i'm plodding  round the FLM on April 26th, whatever....

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