Tuesday 31st March 2009

well, unless you have to of course image

Nice running stickless and convinced the hill walking is good. Equally convinced NZC recommends  getting shoes that fit if you get black toe nails...

What: 10 miles easy d&d
Why: need to get some training done
Last hard: sunday
Last rest: yesterday

Slight stomach rumbling around 10k today, but eased quickly and I'm sure TT wouldn't even mention it. Watching what I eat and drink a bit this week and I should be able to train ok


  • morning all

    Hi Stickless, I too agree that hill walking is a good thing.  

    Imski - sorry to read about the DNF.Hope the guts settle soon.

    The idea of Paddock Wood is definitely growing on me, not least because of the following:

    What: 5.4 miles up that darn hill, then down it again, 9.45 pace, av HR 143
    Why: it's Tuesday
    Last hard: that was
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    Only 2 miles at 10.xx, and even one (downhill of course) at 8.xx. Very pleased with that run, and HR not too bad.  Not sure I could manage that pace over 13 miles but I'd like to see what a flat run feels like. 

    I did stop a short way for home to watch a woodpecker.  I've heard him loads of times but never actually seen him, but today there he was.

    Edit:  today takes me to my highest month ever:

    163.4 miles
    Rest days: 0


    Have a good day.

  • A groovy kind of love by Uncle Phil

    What: Rest AM
    Hour on the bike at lunchtime
    2 miles and circuits PM
    Strength chest and back PM
    Why: I was naughty last night so decided to back off.
    Last rest: this morning :¬)
    Last hard: Stopping on Saturday
    Lyrics: nope
  • Morning all,

    Stickless - Mrs SGQ and I have agreed I won't run any more marathons.  It's a long story that I won't bore you with, but she worries about me when I run more than 15M.  That said, we made the same agreement after FLM06, and now I'm only 3 and a bit weeks away from Stratford.  So, that's FLM03, FLM06 and Stratford 09.  I guess I need to start looking for a good marathon in 2012!

    What: 7M-ish at lunch including 5x1M fast
    Why: it's Tuesday and Tuesdays are for intervals
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Wednesday

    Have a good day.

  • Morning folks.

    Lyrics - the streak has ended.

    Stickless - uplifting. Love it.

    Mava - all very positive...you're on a bit of a roll just now.

    After an easy 6 miles at lunchtime, had great session at the club last night. Session was 3 x 1.5 miles with 2min recoveries, aiming for 10k effort/pace. The 1.5 mile loop we use isn't flat, with a long drag in between about 0.75 and 1.25 miles, before a short, sharp drop to the end. Quite testing. I was delighted with how I ran...after running the first one and thinking it was way too fast, I eased off slightly for the second thinking I wouldn't be able to sustain the pace of the first one, then just ran as I felt on the third. Ended up with times of 8.08, 8.12 and 8.08. Followed it up with 6 x 30secs strides. A really good session (and great to be back in the parks now the clocks have changed.

    For today...

    What: lunchtime - 7.3 easy miles, pm - 5 or 6 easy miles running home from work
    Why: recovery

    Have a great day.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Imski - really sore to hear that! On the plus side if it is just a tummy bug then it's no more than a temporary blip image Hope you feel 100% again soon.

    clink - good news on the foot. Yes, I am sticking with the acupuncture. Hopefully I'll remember to pay for it this week though - rather embarassingly I got back to work last week and realised I had walked out without paying! image Cue apologetic phone calls, etc. Who said I'm scatty? image

    TmR - I think it was the 'shock' from the cold water as I didn't expect it. I've had it happen before.

    Gobi - naughty last night?

    What: 9m easy d&d / 6m recovery lunchtime.
    Why: Recovery from Sunday.
    Last Hard: Sunday.
    Last Rest: 17/03.
    Lyrics: Sounds familiar.

    Have a good day all!

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Imski - Sorry t hear about the race, hope you are feeling 100% soon

    Mava - Might see you at Paddock Wood then. You've been training well over the last 6 months and its showing.

    What: 7 miles Fartlek
    Why: Club night
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Lyrics: Naw

    see you later
  • Morning everyone, not been around  for a bit due to things on in my life and trying to get over this hip/leg/glute annoyance recently! The physio seemed to think that it was a lumbar flexibility thing that is aggravating my glute and sciatic nerve so has given me loads of flexibility stetches to do. The thing is literally a pain in the ass and fast running really makes me sore. It's not an injury as such, just an imbalance, so stopping running isn't the answer except it is making it not that enjoyable at the moment.

    Consequently, I have been running, but not a great deal, although I managed the first race of the 2009 Silkstone Shuffle series at the weekend, into blustery, cold conditions with a couple of snow flurries at the end of it! The 4.5M course is tough at the best of times but weren't helped by the wind on the downhill sections; still, I finished in 33.21, 13 secs faster than in November (which was in perfect conditions).

    If you want to look at the pics, they are here with my best pic: Shuffle uphill and here's one of some bloke called Ron, or something or other, who I beat comfortably!! 
    Ron Hill uphill?   Mind you, he did win the M70 award for the day in a sprightly 39mins. Fantastic to see him at a local race!

    I've joined another running club also as I wanted to save money for entering races, so here's to more years of race entry and running with the Barnsley Harriers!

    Lyrics: no idea.

  • Morning All

    Mava......I heard woodpecker today while I was running around Darley Park. Like you i've heard it loads of times but never spotted it until last week. They make a fabulous sound.

    SGQ....Mrs Tiger wants me to stop marathon running too! She is worried for my knees and the weight i've lost.

    What: 9 mile d&d this morning lovely run, glorious morning.

    Why: Need the mile for FLM

    Last Rest: Monday and Sunday (knee sore)

    Last Hard: Sat 21miler

    Have a nice day.

  • Morning

    Stickless: Nice to see you posting

    Imski: Sometimes its better to admit defeat!

    What: 7 miles recovery d & d
    Why: Last nights club run included 5K @ about 4 min/K ... Uphill was working extremely hard.
    Last Hard: Last night
    Last Rest: 8 days

    March Totals

    267.5 Miles
    7 rest days
    2 Races (10K x 2)
    PB's 2

    Possibly the only month I will ever beat Gobi for mileage.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Imski - unlucky, but hope you feel better today (tummy and ego)
    Stickless - good to see you back

    What - club night, hillreps on grass. hmmm
    Not done March totals, but I guess around 180 miles

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    mava think march will be a good month for me mileage wise

    getting results of an MRI I had done last week tomorrow morning, hope its all good but need to find out why I suffer so much with this sciatica 

    what: club race later with lots of warm up

    why: miles

    last hard: sat's lvsr

    last easy: friday

    take care all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    nice pics fl!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Afternoon,

    Just back from my lunch time mile reps and they were good enough for me to want to let you know about them!!  Wasn't sure what would happen having done 18M on Sunday.  Yesterday's recovery run was with tired legs.

    I did 5x1M with about 2 mins recovery after each.  The miles were done in 6.53, 6.49, 6.48, 6.44 and 6.38.  Now, given that I'm normally happy with a mile when it drops below 7.30, that's not too bad, is it?  And they got progressively faster, which is a bonus.

    Pleased with that!

  • Morning all,

    Stickles - nice to hear from you and uplifting as always!

    FL - welcome back - nice pics

    Day off work and running yesterday - it was Shouter Baptist emancipation day yesterday!

    Blondy the lab was happy though as we did a long family walk.

    What: 5 miles easy later

    Why: Second easy week then going to do some more adventurous stuff next week.

    Last Hard: 8 days

    Lyrics nope

    Have a great day

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Forgot it was the end of the month (only clicked when I read back and saw mava's mileage pb - well done btw image ), so seen as I've done my bit for today.....

    Mileage: 369
    Avg Pace: 6:44m/m
    Races: 3 (all HM's)
    PBs: 1 (finally off the mark properly for the year image ).
    Rest days: 5 - 3 for the knee towards the start of the month, 2 for the IBS as part of a very low mileage week.

    Not too bad given everything that has gone on.

    Scobos - nice consistent pacing.

    FL - nice pics.

    SGQ - very nice reps. You certainly are on a roll and making massive gains by the looks of it.

    Reading pics are up as well. This was my favourite one - the obligatory air shot image

  • Nice pics

    DD - the PB will have put the smile back later I guess!

    TT How do you go round corners in mid air!?

  • Evening all,

    What: 35 mins on bike at lunch

    Why: Bit of a twinge in last few days on outside of R.knee so going extra careful with FLM looming

    Last Hard: Sunday's Long Run

    Last Rest: Saturday

    Mileage - 130m (happy with it considering on 3 week's training after recovery from small calf tear)

  • Evening everyone.

    What:  6.2 miles in 51 mins
    Why:  Yesterday's run didn't happen

    Off to search out the Stickless post...

  • Evening peeps.

    What: 4M yesterday and today.

    Why: Kinda got to really.

    First day in new job over and done and it wasn't too bad.

    Saw the Iceland football team out for a walk in the centre of Glasgow this afternoon. They're playing Scotland tomorrow evening, for anybody wondering what I'm going on about !

    Read back to see what's been happening.

    Night peeps.

  • Stickless
    So that's where you are!  Good to read your posts again, safe journey home.

    Big day tomorrow - going to try my first club run since October.  Will drop a few groups for an easier pace, but it will still be an hour of running so longest & furthest of 2009!

  • Scobos, and SGQ, good to get such positives from your sessions

    FL good to see you back; sorry you've been having problems

    40 mins, good to be back to proper running; hope the club run goes well

    What: am 4.5ml tootling with Tigger in the park; pm 12.4 ml inc 3 x( 5x 400m @10K pace;  2ml @ MP), except that I missed out on 3 of the last set of 400s
    Why: thinking I've got over my tired legs
    At lunchtime I felt great, and was looking forward to the evening session. It started surprising well, and did the 400s in the time well under current 10k pace that I've been hitting for the last few weeks. Even the first 2ml went OK.  I'd forgotten my HRM, so its difficult to judge what effort I was really putting in, B ythe second 2ml I was falling behind again, and the third set, the MP miles were 22 secs/ml too slow.  Actually that's not so bad....
    Still I think its time to take advice, from several quarters and cut my losses, and have 3 really easy days to get back to where I should be.  But at least I've had a pretty good month:

    Miles for the month:   361
    Races: 2 (first in age group at both)
    Rest days: 4

  • Evening, manged to get out for a run after work today and lots of stretching afterwards! The ache doesn't get worse so I think less miles more often will have to be the way forward!

    What: 4.2M in 37mins @150av
    Why: major niggle prevention
    Last hard: Sat race and Sunday's tough 25miler on the bike

    March mileage: woefully pitiful so not counted up!
    Lyrics: nope, erm Junior Senior from a few years back?

    DD - you looked tired in your pic, yes, and the bloke behind you in the red vest looks like he's about to pray or count on his fingers!

    There are some worse pics of me on another site, one is a real weasel picture of effort!

  • Evening all,

    Imski: sorry to hear about the digestive issues. Take the positives from how your legs felt and batter it on the 26th!
    FL: well raced at the shuffle. catch up with you soon.
    DD/TT: nice pics

    Cheers for the well dones all,
    Dustin, I wouldn't worry, there shouldn't be too much bog trotting on the pennine way. If you fancy a run when your up, feel free to drop me an email.

    What: 8.5m easy
    Why: club night

    March totals: 250 at an average pace of 8:46 min / mile
    Races: 3, PB's 1

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