Haruki Murakami - Thought for the dayish

An extract from his excellent "What I talk about when I talk about running"

"Those of us who participate in triathlons are unusual people. Think about it for a minute. Most all of the participants have jobs and families , and on top of taking care of these, they swim and bike and run, training very hard, as part of their ordinary routine. Naturally this takes a lot of time and effort . The world with its commensensical viewpoint thinks their lifestyle peculiar. And it would be hard to argue with anyone who labeled them eccentrics and oddballs. But theres something  we share , not something as exaggerated as solidarity , perhaps, but at least a sort of warm emotio, like a vague , faintly coloured mist over a late spring peak."

Made my morning , might do likewise for someone else's image


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