Anyone running for Macmillan?


Just wondered if anyone out there was running for Macmillan in FLM this year?   I'm running on my own place and wondering what difference it makes to be part of a 'team',  tips on fundraising, moral support and general encouragement.  To my surprise I have found that the fundrasing is going better than the training - the complete reverse of previous times when I've tried to get sponsorship for the marathon on my own.  Any fellow 'greens' like to join in this thread



  • I'm running for MacMillan, but only really just got my sponsorship thingy off the ground. I've found the guys at MacMillan very helpful - the stuff they've sent me by email has been brill, plus my company has an easy to set up website facility which has brought in a bit so far (it's a bit like the Just Giving ones).

    I've also got the added plus of being heavily involved in a non-league footie team with a few hundred fans, so there's a chance to fleece them too!

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    I am a University lecturer, so no pressure guys but consider who is marking your exams!!  I am running a competition with entry at £1 and as I teach about 350 students am hoping for a reasonable take-up.  Because I don't have a set amount I have to raise I was a bit slow getting going.  The great thing about the websites / competitions etc is that you get all the money paid up front and don't spend the two months after the marathon trying to hound people into coughing up...................
  • Hi Guys glad I found this thread.I'm running for Macmillan raised £1158 so far.Macmillan been great.Got my place through my running club.
  • Fantastic amount David! Hope your training is going well - not long left to go now. Got my last longish run of 12 miles in about an hour, and then its downhill all the way until the big day for us all!

    Is anyone planning on going to the pre-race pasta party / post race recovery area? I can't make the pre-race Saturday night thingy, but I may go and have a bit of a massage post race, so it'd be great to see other Macmillan fundraisers then, although I'm sure we'll see plenty of each other on the course - the green vests do tend to stand out!

  • Hi Simon

    Just done my last run of 10 miles in 90 mins did a few sprints felt okay.

    I will be at the post race do too.

    Be at the expo Saturday dinnertime.Setting off from Yorkshire at 5am Saturday morning.Staying in Dartford saturday night.

    All ready now just to pasta up now!!! 

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