Timex Flix (100 lap)

I just bought this new watch. I'm just wondering, how to work it. I want to know how to show your lap time as you run. Lets say you run 400m in 1 minute then you run the 2nd 400m in 1 minute 2 seconds. When I push the lap split time it shows the total time for both laps. What I want to know is the time for each 400m to see whether I am running negative or positive times. Can anyone help?


  • On my Timex watch if you press the reset/lap key when the stopwatch isn't running then it toggles between split and lap times (you can see this on the display. Your model may be different. Hope it helps.
  • Jimmers,

    I have a Timex Ironman Flix too.
    If I understand your question ...

    1)Set watch to CHRONO mode and press start/split key and run your 1st 400m.
    You should see small number at top (split) and larger number (total) going up in phase.

    2)At end of first 400m, press start/split key again.
    Everything will freeze for about 10 seconds and you can see your time for 400m.
    After 10 seconds, the displays will be incrementing again - large number showing total time, smaller top number showing time for your new lap.

    3) AT end of this 400m, press start/split key again and same as above (2) will happen.

    Now, while you're running your third 400m, if you want to see your splits so far - press RECALL key 4 times. It will scroll through Total/Avg/Best and finally will show you your previous 400m split times in the small numbers at the top of the display - starting with previous lap and going backwards to first lap.

    To return to current times, press SET key or, if you don't press anything for a while, it will return to CHRONO mode on its own.

    I know it sounds complicated, but try it and see.

  • Hi

    I need to buy a good value running watch to train for a marathon and I was conisdering at the Timex Flix. Would you recommend it?


  • Choon,

    I have the Iron man Flix 100 lap and I think it's a good watch.

    Natterjack Running Centre advert has 50 lap Timex watch for £19. The prices appear to have come down on the stopwatches since the introduction of the HRM & SDM.

    I've had my watch for about 4 years, no problem apart from when left it on when swimming. I sent it back to the USA and they fixed it at no charge. I'd taken out the 3 or 5 year (can't remember exactly) guarantee for $5 and it proved worth it.

    Happy hunting

  • IMHO the Ironman Flix 100 is the best running watch since my lamented Accurex from the 1980s. I've had several of the Timex line and have found them ideal for running. Sadly they don't seem to remain waterproof after battery changes but that just provides Gadgetfreak with an excuse to get the latest one. Having said that they are waterproof normally: mine's been diving to 32m.
  • Cheers for the advice. I think I'm going to go for it although I'm gutted that I didn't save up for an S series Polar HRM as I recently bought a POlar M22. SO now I'm going to have to chose between laps or Hr (or wear two watches) when I could have had it all rolled into one for the same price.

    Schoolboy error.
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