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Hey guys,

I'm moving to lovely Bath in a few weeks and am looking to join a running club. I thought I would pick the collective brain and ask if any one could recommend a good club?

I'm looking for a friendly group that will help me progress with a good socail scene (I'm in it for the post-run gin and tonics). I've not joined a club before so don't want to feel too intimidated.

Any advice?



  • Hi Gelf, I'm in a similar situation and was wondering if you found a suitable club? I need to start training for the Bristol 1/2!

  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    There's a women's running network that meets a couple of nights a week which is really supportive - no use to you Matt, and gelfling I wouldn't like to presume. contact details

    There's also a group based up at the university Team Bath never been as I'm a wuss

    other than that you'll see loads of people out running on their own - why not chase a local and join them!?

    Hope Bath lives up to your expectations

  • Hey Dog Leash,

    Have you been to the WRN? I've been procrastinating/ wimping out about going for a few weeks now, the terror of school PE lessons seems to have resurfaced in my mind! Would be very keen to hear from anyone who has actually been.

    Matt, my sister-in-law was a member of the university club and really liked it. She is a seasoned runner, I'm not sure what level you are at?

    Good luck with the Bath hills....and remember they will only make you stronger image

  • Thanks guys. Sorry for the delay in replying.

    I'm going to give a go.



  • Hi,

    I have just found out that Sweaty Betty - in town near Waitrose, has a running club every wed night from 6-7pm.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    Anyone know a good cross-country running club in Bath?

    I've always loved running around solsbury hill/Brown's folly, but I've never particularly enjoyed running alone.

  • Hi,

    There's a new running club just started in Bath which is doing some lovely scenic runs. Groups start from central locations too, so ideal if you're new to Bath and don't know your way around too well. 


  • Hi 

    I am wanting to get back to running again after a while off and some weight on! It would be nice to have a social scene to it too as I am newly single and would like to meet new people.


  • Hi All,

    I am based in Bath and like longer, cross country distances. However, winter running is usually tough as stuck in the city where there are streetlights/ tarmac aside from weekends when I can get out to the Cotswold Way for proper training.

    If anyone is interested in evening or early morning group runs away from the city using headtorches let me know. Dont imagine there will be many takers though!


  • Hi Tim,

    Sounds great to me. If you are still keen (it was quite some time ago, wasn't it?), let's talk.


  • Hi All

    Team Bath AC based at the superb sport facility at Univ of Bath is the club to join. Caters for absolute beginners to GB stars...road and trail running through to track and field...something for everyone. Main club nights Tues and Thurs meet at the main sports centre entrance just before 7pm......great fun and a chance to improve. Google Team Bath AC for more info.

    look forward to seeing you all.

  • Tim, Kostya

    Really partial to a bit of off-road myself, but not wanting to be heading out on full blown club runs.

    So, if either of you still interested in heading out at the weekends, then let me know. Current fav routes up around Monskswood Res, Charmy Down, Lansdown, Bannerdown.

    Pencilled in both the Mendip Muddle and Exmoor Stagger for next month.





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