Is it ok to split my semi long run?

Im training for a marathon and my mid week semi-long rin has reached 11 miles which Im struggling to fit into my week, Ive started splitting it up, running into work (4.5m), running at lunchtime (6m) and running home again (2.5m).

This is giving me a good total for the day but I wonder if its giving me the right benefits? its certainly knackering.

Thanks for any advice.

(p.s Sundays long run has reached 20m)



  • When is the marathon (which one)?

  • I think it depends what the goal of the mid week run is for you. Is it just to get more miles in? Or to practise running for a good length of time at a certain pace?

    My mid week mid length runs are aimed to be as close to marathon pace as possible, to get used to running for a decent length of time at this pace. So for me, splitting up the mid week run wouldn't give me the benefits i'm aiming for in the session. 

    Just think about why that session is in the schedule and what the goals are and you should see the answer.


  • As training for a marathon, I'd say its not as good as 11m consecutive - but if thats the best you can do - then go for it.

    If you worked thru lunch - couldnt you go early and add the 6 miles onto the homeward trip ?
  • Ok, think about it. You are asking your body to warm up and cool down three times in one day!  If you are super fit and not prone to injury niggles, you could get away with it but it could be a bit risky! (Hence why you are cream crackered!)
  •  JuanaH

    - Its the Endurance life Exmoor Marathon in May,


     - Im only going for a 'get around' pace on this one, I limped the last 6 miles of the last coastal marathon i did so a clean run and finish will be enough for me.


    - You've got a point there, maybe I'll try getting up earlier instead but i do love my sleep.

     Thanks for all your advice.


  • I personally think that weekly mileage is going to be the most important factor for you... provided you keep your main long run of the week intact.
  • If your mara is in May, and you're already up to 20 LSR, I would be tempted not to do 11 split, as you do increase your risk of injury, as Smurf says.  Your employer should be flexible enough to let you leave a little early to train 1 day a week for the next 3 weeks.  I managed to get a couple of halves in after work...

    Good luck

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